[Download] Horace and the Moleman By Cyrus F. Rea

Horace and the Moleman

By: Cyrus F. Rea
Length: 546 pages
Release date: Sep 16, 2013
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For generations men have looked to the skies, wondering if there is life up there.

They were looking in the wrong direction.

For beneath the surface of the Earth lies a hidden universe within our own, containing a civilization that has never seen space, the stars, or humans... until a half-crazed widower from Texas accidentally drops his home-made disintegrator,

The device plummets down two-thousand miles beneath his garage and straight into the Naraka World-Realm, causing cataclysmic damage and revealing to the Vickstaks below that that their Universe isn't as solid as they'd thought.

It is left to Horace and Wade, two delinquents from the Midwest, to prevent a full-scale invasion. With the help of a street-smart Latina from San Antonio, a lost Vickstak trapped on the surface, and a horde of heretical moleman determined to prove there's life above the ceiling of the universe, Horace and Wade find themselves way over their heads -- by several thousand miles -- as they try to survive and return to the surface.

"Horace and the Moleman" is a hilarious coming-of-age story. It's a sardonic hip tale set during the mystical magical summer between high school graduation and the 'real world' of college. Scientifically plausible, it will thrill fans of sci-fi and thrillers alike. "Horace and the Moleman" will leave the most jaded reader laughing out loud and cheering at the end.

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