[Download] His Christmas Match By Jane Charles

His Christmas Match

By: Jane Charles
Length: 326 pages
Release date: Dec 21, 2013
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Noah Johansen, Marquess Felding, is determined to find a wife. Each of his friends had married well, and for love, yet Noah has not found a match for himself. Despite how much he has looked amongst the ton, Noah has come to the conclusion that he will not be as lucky as his friend and has decided to make the best match for himself and sets out to court a lady who appears suitable and hopes that deeper emotions will develop in time.

Rosalind Valentine has been in love with Marquess Felding since she was in the schoolroom. She knows Felding and his family well from having grown up in the vicarage not far away from his estate. She also knows that he would never be hers given her humble background and family secrets. As much as it pains her to watch him court another, Rosalind knows it is for the best and is determined to be content in her position as a nursery maid for his sister.

Noah realizes that the lady he set to court is not the lady he wishes to be tied to for life and also begins to see Miss Rosalind Valentine in an entirely different light. Had he been looking in the wrong place for love? Had she been as close as next door? Will circumstances beyond his control keep him from making a Christmas Match?

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