[Download] Hegel's Shorter Logic: An Introduction and Commentary By John Grier Hibben

Hegel's Shorter Logic: An Introduction and Commentary

By: John Grier Hibben
Length: 342 pages
Release date: Sep 1, 2012
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Since its publication in 1902, John Grier Hibben's classic work on Hegel's Encyclopedia Logic has been one of the clearest, most illuminating, most helpful, and most popular expositions of this rich and difficult text. Nevertheless, its language has needed to be modernized, its interpretations have needed to be revised and updated in view of recent Hegel scholarship, and its findings have needed to be related to a wider context in the history of philosophy. Writing as Hibben's co-author, Eric v.d. Luft has done all this and more, adding two chapters and an annotated bibliography, expanding the glossary, providing exact citations, keying the commentary directly to Hegel's section numbers, supplying illustrations and examples, and strengthening the arguments. The result is an excellent supplementary text for 21st-century students and Hegel scholars.

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