[Download] Harvard Law Review: Volume 127, Number 2 - December 2013 By Harvard Law Review

Harvard Law Review: Volume 127, Number 2 - December 2013

By: Harvard Law Review
Length: 747 pages
Release date: Dec 9, 2013
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The December 2013 issue of the Harvard Law Review is dedicated to the memory of Ronald Dworkin, with In Memoriam essays offered by Richard Fallon, Jr., Charles Fried, John C.P. Goldberg, Frances Kamm, Frank Michelman, Martha Minow, and Laurence Tribe.

The issue features an article by David Pozen entitled "The Leaky Leviathan: Why the Government Condemns and Condones Unlawful Disclosures of Information." The issue also includes essays by Nicola Lacey and Geoffrey Shaw examining a previously lost writing by H.L.A. Hart on discretion, as well as the publication of Hart's essay, "Discretion," itself, which he wrote while visiting at Harvard during 1956-1957. In it can be seen the seeds for some of his famous work in legal philosophy such as The Concept of Law, as well as intellectual paths not taken.

Student Notes explore such subjects as regulation of the shadow banking system, vagueness and delegation in the CFAA, and the good faith exception to the exclusionary rule. In addition, student contributions explore Recent Cases on First Amendment commercial speech doctrine and pharmaceutical marketing, school finance under state law, duty of a school to protect from bullying, warrantless search of cell phone data, and untimely raising of ineffective assistance of counsel in a habeas petition after counsel failure. A Recent Legislation summary explores congressional restrictions on War Powers in the context of Guantanamo detainees, and a summary of Recent Legislative Debate involves the filibuster of a Texas abortion bill. Finally, there are also several summaries of Recent Publications.

The Harvard Law Review is offered in a quality digital edition, featuring active Contents, linked notes, active URLs in notes, and proper ebook formatting. This issue is Volume 127, Number 2 (Dec. 2013). Principal articles in the Harvard Law Review are written by internationally recognized legal scholars, and student editors contribute substantial research in the form of Notes, case commentaries, and recent book comments.

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