[Download] Grayman Book Five: The Ragnarok By Michael Rizzo

Grayman Book Five: The Ragnarok

By: Michael Rizzo
Length: 501 pages
Release date: Sep 23, 2013
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Grayman is a dark and timely thriller with a science fiction flavor. It’s a merciless examination of what makes heroes (and villains) in the popular media, and how effectively they can be used to manipulate our wired world.

Set in the near future, the five book series chronicles a daring and disturbing experiment intended to decisively end the threat of global terrorism. A group of powerful corporate and political players have created a multi-national force of “surgical” strike teams, armed with advanced weapons, technology and armor, and directed by a cutting-edge artificial intelligence. But more than simply employing high-tech military might, this new army is designed to fight a true “information war” by operating completely in the public eye, their missions crafted for maximum marketability, their operatives shaped into Hollywood-style action heroes.

The series focuses on the man groomed to be the wired public’s greatest hero: Given the “stage name” Mike Ram, he’s a charismatic but disturbed individual with a painful past. Initially little more than a trauma-driven serial killer, he’s been given a new identity and re-programmed to kill on cue to satisfy the media’s thirst for violent and visible retribution. Ram quickly rises from being a murderer on the run to being an untouchably popular celebrity and global leader, as his every action plays out on the public stage.

Picking up immediately after the cliffhanger ending of Book Four: Even with the most visible conspirators dead, Mike Ram must deal with a sadistic assassin and what remains of the secret army tasked to protect the conspiracy that has been manipulating the War on Terror, while he attempts to reveal the true masterminds behind it.

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