[Download] Grace & Style: The Art of Pretending You Have It By Grace Helbig

Grace & Style: The Art of Pretending You Have It

By: Grace Helbig
Narrated by: Grace Helbig
Length: 4 hours
Release date: Feb 2, 2016
Rating: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (7 votes, average: 3.00 out of 5)

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From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Grace's Guide and the host of The Grace Helbig Show on E! comes a beautifully illustrated, tongue-in-cheek book about style that lampoons fashion and beauty guides while offering practical advice in Grace Helbig's trademark sweet and irreverent voice.

It's clear to see I'm a style icon; remember, you can't spell icon without "con."

Grace Helbig doesn't want to tell anyone how they should dress, how they should do their hair or makeup, or even which dog poop bags to purchase—because surprisingly, Target has numerous options for that too!

While Grace doesn't claim to be stylish or polished, she is very self-aware and perceptive. Trendy? She'd rather have fun trying. She loves fashion as much as the next lady, man, or French bulldog, but telling others how they should look doesn't suit her. Instead, with Grace & Style, Grace takes us into her closet and shares her silly and practical approach to style—which obviously includes an entire chapter on sweatpants.

One part parody, one part fashion fun, and one part personal experience, Grace's latest guide to life as a woman in America today is more H&M than Chanel. So tighten your Banana Republic belt a few notches and learn how to pretend and convince everyone around you that you've got style and grace!
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27 Responses to “[Download] Grace & Style: The Art of Pretending You Have It By Grace Helbig”

  1. Lu Shaddock

    I love Grace. Everything she does is brilliant! funny, clever and excentric as always! really good.

  2. Fabian Mincer

    It’s okay.
    Moderately helpful fashion tips, entertaining stories, mixed with a little philosophy. Easy read/listen but not phenomenal.

  3. R. Sorell

    Witty, Engaging, and Classic
    Just like Grace Helbig herself, this guide is full of witticisms, humor, and life lessons fun for all. I thoroughly enjoyed this book just like her first.

  4. Vashti P.

    Fun and hdlpful
    Like having a conversation with a friend while organizing your closet. Keep or toss? Fun.

  5. Franklyn Neitz

    Total emotional comedic rollercoaster
    This book was everything I could have asked for from Grace and more. It was raw, entertaining, and sometimes both of those things all at once. You should be incredibly proud because I know I am.

  6. Hollie Y.

    Nothing but respect
    Grace is the most honest person out there that’s in the “media’s eye”. Right off the first page you can sense a genuine person speaking in a way that is relatable to quarter life adults. She’s a role model and deserves nothing but the best in all future success.

  7. Denise M.

    I’m not entirely sure what all I just listened to
    There was a lot happening in this book that I wasn’t expecting, and I loved every minute of it. I found myself incredibly invested in The Sweater Diaries, and I just really enjoy Helbig’s honesty in her life experiences. This is a great book ♡

  8. Danika S.

    No sweat listening
    Please write a sequel about what happens to Sweat and Rees after they leave the MOA.

    As always, Grace is hilarious and poignant. She balances sensitive subjects and ludicrous ones in a…dare I say…meta portrayal of our culture’s obsession with style.

    I’m into it.

  9. Kandra Cabbagestalk

    Grace never disappoints
    Quirky, punny, and the Grace we’ve all come to know and love. If you’re not familiar with The Daily Grace I suggest you get familiar because it’s always a good time.

  10. Seth Kaawa

    Great book! It makes me want to purchase the actual book too browse. I have listened to this book 2 times now.

  11. Mozella Dabbs

    the funny keeps coming from the heart
    I really enjoyed the awkward humor and truly creative style guide. grace is a self-deprecating delight. who knew I could care about sweat pants.

  12. Chelsey Sandi

    Not for me, and NOT a fashion guide
    Any additional comments?

  13. Dustin Kapsos

    not impressed
    What disappointed you about Grace & Style?

  14. Fernande Debettignies

    It was not the worst!
    In fact it was one of my favorite books! It keeps the tone honest to Grace while taking on a sort of self help book! I went from wondering why there was a story about talking sweatpants to crying from laughter and cringing at all the clothing puns! Obviously this book is amazing and you should stop wasting your time reading this review and by motherfabricing book!!!!

  15. Adan Maiocco

    Not the worst
    Actually the exact opposite! Really enjoyed the sweatpants diary. That’s some imagination you’ve got there!

  16. Diana H.

    I love this almost as much as I love Grace
    I have LOVED and admired Grace for some time now, and this book was so intimate yet hilariously awkward that I just can’t help but smile when I listen.

  17. Chantel Klines

    Nailed it!
    spectacular narration. this brings my mundane life some unexpected giggles, and ear leisure for the office.

  18. Breann Dercole

    Interesting book, kinda of.
    Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

  19. Aldo Rotunda

    Great, Funny and boost your confidence
    I have loved it. Fantastic from start to end. Definitely should be in your must be read pile.

  20. Jake Bias

    Worth It
    Clever. Just the right amount of both practicality and puns. Hats off to this audiobook.

  21. pattymcl

    Surprisingly Good
    I love Grace Helbig, but I was very nervous going into this. A style guide seemed very out of my realm, especially as a guy, but this book has plenty to offer other than her tongue in cheek style tips.

  22. Customer

    love it
    how could it be over already! Grace! another book ASAP!!!!!!!!!!! you’re amazing. I love you

  23. Kristina Warrior Princess

    Very Disappointed.
    This book is 10% interesting personal stories; 90% fake fashion advice and nonsense. Not funny and not worth the four hours of my life. I wish this book had a purpose.

  24. Stefanny

    I really liked the story , Grace is an amazing narrator! I hope she will write more books 🙂

  25. Amparo Sigala

    Love love love
    I love this book she had me giggling the entire time! Way to Grace your amazing! Lol fuckery❤️

  26. Meredith Dest

    Punishing to listen to if your not a teen girl!
    Ironically I actually expected a modern guide on grace and style; found out about 2 minutes into the book that it clearly is NOT. Kept on listening hoping it would improve and endured to Chapter 6 of 45 before calling it quits. I must be a terrible optimist as this actually ended up being the first service purchase that I have sworn to never complete because it was so underwhelming.

  27. Lynne Valez

    Life changing.
    I’ve never worn clothing before, but after listening to this book I’m going to give it a try!

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