[Download] Golden Bullet By Jenna Webster

Golden Bullet

By: Jenna Webster
Length: 242 pages
Release date: Sep 8, 2013
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Below where most residents and visitors of New York City dare to tread, far below the streets, beneath the bustling New York City’s subway live people most do not choose to see. There under the screaming subway Samantha spends her days huddled close to her older brother Sebastian with the rest of New York’s forgotten and unseen.

Samantha and Sebastian know as bad as it is living beneath the subway there are much worse fates for them than being unseen and forgotten. For Samantha and Sebastian their fears are not the rats that crawl beneath their ragged covers or the deadly games of dominance played by those living beneath the subway for them the true danger lies in being noticed and remembered.

Samantha tells her story of being pulled violently from one terrifying world into another. Her tale does not begin with a painfully empty stomach and poorly chosen pocket but this is when she and Sebastian will be noticed and remembered by a pair of vampire brothers.

A case of mistaken identity and a dropped ribbon will lead to tragedy for young Samantha.

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