[Download] Gold Fever By Ernest Douglas Hall

Gold Fever

By: Ernest Douglas Hall
Length: 119 pages
Release date: Sep 27, 2013
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the big man puffed up his chest and said. ‘me mahut me wants to know ok.’
tom said. ‘mah what’?
then dodo whispered. ‘mahut.’
‘ok mahut what can I do for you.’
then the man from the car said as he was lighting a cigar. ‘It’s not what you can do for mahut; it’s what mahut can do for you.’
‘oh and what might that be.’
‘well now mr. watkins mahut wants to tell you for your own sake to turn around and go back to the village then back to england or from wherever you came from.’
‘but we don’t want to go back to the village we have come here to find someone and that’s just what we are going to do ok.’
‘tell me mr. watkins are you not afraid what might enter your camp in the middle of the night, I mean people have been known to be killed by bears up here.’
‘well now if a bear or any other skunk enters our camp in the middle of the night then we have the right weapons to take care of them ok.’
‘i’m afraid you are not getting the point mr. watkins I see you have a lovely young lady with you well what if she was to fall into the wrong hands you will never forgive yourself, no I think you should go home and I won't tell you again.’
when he had said this he had looked at the two men and they had seen the nod of his head and they both pulled out a gun.
but at the same time dodo had pulled his gun up level with his chest.
the man by the car shook his head at the two men and they put their guns back in their pockets.
dodo spoke next he said. ‘now you listen to dodo if anything happens to these folks any one of them I dodo will seek you out henderson and destroy you so remember if you hurt them then you have brought it on yourself. and you won't be able to go to sleep at night in case dodo comes for you.’
then henderson said. ‘now you listen Indian talk like that can get you into deep water in fact the water will be so deep you won't come out of it.’
then henderson turned to face tom and said. ‘listen watkins I will tell you no more go home before someone gets hurt.’
then he got back into the car and the two thugs did the same and the car left for the village with the land rover following behind.
when the car and rover were out of sight dodo said. ‘come on folks we won't make hookers corner at this rate and we must get there before darkness sets in.’
they all set off and dodo came by tom’s side and said. ‘listen tom don’t take any notice of that big mouth henderson he is only trying to frighten you.’
‘yes dodo but why, I mean why is he trying to frighten us there must be a good reason and I think that he or his henchmen have something to do with the disappearance of Julie’s family.’

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