[Download] Gluten-Free, Deliciously! Party Food Recipes By Gillian Olins

Gluten-Free, Deliciously! Party Food Recipes

By: Gillian Olins
Length: 111 pages
Release date: Dec 13, 2013
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Parties and other social events can be a real challenge for people who are sensitive to gluten. It doesn't matter if you're outgoing or shy, everyone enjoys interacting with others. Plus, most jobs involve some kind of social activity outside the workplace. But for people who are very gluten-sensitive, these events can be a minefield—either because of the fear of getting "glutened", or because no-one wants to seem unsociable and cause offense by avoiding events that involve food.

So, we spent a good deal of time in our kitchen creating party appetizer and dessert recipes that would be gluten-free, delicious, and fun for everyone. Many appetizers and desserts involve wheat flour, but we came up with a wide range of gluten-free alternatives, where you won't have to compromise in taste, texture, or visual appeal.

Gluten-Free, Deliciously! Party Food Recipes are easy to follow, include cuisines from around the world, and have been taste-tested by celiac and non-celiac family and friends. Examples of some of the recipes are:

Crab Salad Boats - Mini Ham & Mushroom Frittatas - Chicken Satay - Chocolate Éclairs - Coffee Walnut Gateau

Gluten-Free, Deliciously! Party Food Recipes includes chapters discussing gluten food safety issues, tips for planning a party, and more! We’re sure your next event will be a great success!

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