[Download] Glass Windows By Dory Maust

Glass Windows

By: Dory Maust
Length: 512 pages
Release date: Sep 23, 2013
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Set against the backdrop of a seemingly unrequited love, "Glass Windows" is a journey of deeper meaning. Soul mates Jeff Bennington and Bianca Cordova meet for the first time as children at a birthday party that seals their fate upon first glance but also sets a stage for tragedy in their latter teenage years. Members of an exclusive heartbreak club, they each turn to different outlets in vain attempts to ease the agony of a separation that ails them through their young adult years. Near death from an automobile accident in his thirties, Jeff's reflection in a shattered mirror recalls the events leading up to that fateful day and his chance meeting with a legendary Rock and Roll band named False Eyelashes. Wealth and power afford him nothing in the fight to reclaim his lost love.

Across the celebrity divide, Bianca is forever visible as an A-rated fashion model who graces the countless covers of magazines. Despite a rather predictable reunion, demons lurk beneath the misleading surface of theatrical makeup and costumes vying for attention in the celebrity circle encompassing them. A woman's quest for attention while paradoxically striving to remain invisible becomes the leading roll in a potentially fatal production aptly titled "Anorexia". Can Jeff's unrelenting love and the serendipitous efforts of his quirky musician friends unlock the cure for Bianca's grave condition, or will the eating disorder claim the ultimate victory?

~ 2nd Edition ~

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