[Download] Generation Kill By Evan Wright

Generation Kill

By: Evan Wright
Narrated by: Patrick Lawlor
Length: 13 hours
Release date: Oct 27, 2008
Rating: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (366 votes, average: 4.00 out of 5)

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They were called a generation without heroes. Then they were called upon to be heroes. Within hours of 9/11, America's war on terrorism fell to those like the twenty-three Marines of the First Recon Battalion, the first generation dispatched into open-ended combat since Vietnam. They were a new breed of American warrior unrecognizable to their forebears-soldiers raised on hip-hop, Internet porn, Marilyn Manson, video games, and The Real World, a band of born-again Christians, dopers, Buddhists, and New Agers who gleaned their precepts from kung fu movies and Oprah Winfrey. Cocky, brave, headstrong, wary, and mostly unprepared for the physical, emotional, and moral horrors ahead, the "First Suicide Battalion" would spearhead the blitzkrieg on Iraq and fight against the hardest resistance Saddam had to offer.

Generation Kill is the funny, frightening, and profane firsthand account of these remarkable men, of the personal toll of victory, and of the randomness, brutality, and camaraderie of a new American war.
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30 Responses to “[Download] Generation Kill By Evan Wright”

  1. Chantal Casement

    Extremely modern, excellent book!
    Not full of the author continuously spouting his political opinion, like many other war books. Extremely real writing from a journalist embedded with the actual troops.

  2. Ethyl Sickels

    Not Just A War Story…
    This book, while set upon the backdrop of war, is much more than just an account of First Recon’s run into Bagdad: It is the story of the soldiers in First Recon. Their thoughts, hopes and dreams for the future. You really feel like you come to know the individual marines.

    Recommended as highly as possible!

  3. Adelle Briare

    Wright is a hero among journalists.
    What did you love best about Generation Kill?

  4. Barney S.

    Well done
    Very well read and a great book. Absolutely no complaints. the reader makes you feel like you really know the Marines

  5. Nathan

    A soldier’s eye view of war
    I bought this book because I loved the HBO miniseries that’s based on it, and I was not disappointed. Many of the same people and events are here, but because it’s a book, not restrained by the pacing of a TV show, the author can spend time giving backstory and describing things in more detail than the show can, so if you like the miniseries you can get a much more fleshed out version of the same story here.

    The narrator is good. He puts on different voices for all the characters, a couple of the voices might sound a bit silly (there were one of two where I felt like he was trying to make the person sound really dopey). Still, it’s very helpful because there are quite a few characters and this style of narration helps to distinguish them.

    Probably the biggest strength of this book is that the author seems to be more interested in getting inside the heads of the soldiers than making any kind of political statement about the war in Iraq or war in general. Depending on your point of view you may see the violence in the book as horrific and pointless, or the grim reality of a necessary and noble cause. The point is you can decide this for yourself, the author won’t tell you what to think. He just shows it as it is without shoving any messages in your face. The soldiers aren’t glorified or vilified, instead they’re portrayed as believable human beings, and are much more relatable because of it.

  6. Alton Donel

    A fourth right telling of Force recon at war
    This tells the whole story doesn’t hold anything back it’s very detailed and nature and a great read

  7. Daniel

    A great story documented just the right way
    Would you consider the audio edition of Generation Kill to be better than the print version?

  8. Regan Portie

    sad if true
    it’s horrible that people’s lives were forever destroyed by the murderous bush administration based on lies about wmd’s that never existed.

  9. Hortense L.

    Narration is AMAZING!
    If you could sum up Generation Kill in three words, what would they be?

  10. Noel Kuiper

    Here is the truth America
    Would you consider the audio edition of Generation Kill to be better than the print version?

  11. TSU

    Great book
    This book is awesome. Raw details of recon marine life in war. Makes you wish you were one of them.

  12. Reed Rodrequez

    Of course better than the HBO TV series…
    Every bit as funny in the comedic parts. Very poignant look at the realities of war.

  13. Alberto Ronero

    Military Must-Read
    What did you love best about Generation Kill?

  14. Will

    Great Story Poorly Read
    This is an absolutely astounding look into the world of today’s war fighting Marines. It’s too bad the guy reading it is so dry that he puts you to sleep in the middle of gun battles and artillery barrages.

  15. Gregoria Plocek

    What made the experience of listening to Generation Kill the most enjoyable?

  16. Lynwood Maccheyne

    Loved it
    I got the the audiobook as a result of the HBO miniseries and was not disappointed. The book was a good follow up to the series as it helped to explain the command structure and the relationships better.

  17. Hosea Sandoz

    An eye opener, Go Bush and our Military.
    I was a little skeptical about this book as I had a feeling it was far to the left , Journalism always has me thinking in those lines. I was very much surprised considering the condition of being embedded in an front line Recon unit, I felt it was written in a neutral as could be format about the initial invasion of Iraq, A must read for all those who who live in a fantasy world and reality.The real characters were a interesting bunch as we are so lucky to have these folks to defend our pampered lives. Yes there where bad US recon people too. I felt this was not sugar coated in the least. Interesting how the politics of all our Government resources including this invasion was bureaucratic full of craziness and messed up in the field just like at home. If it wasn’t for the people that make up the armed forces we might not of made it as easy to Baghdad.. Foul language is thick in this book but allot of people don’t want reality to begin with, Good Luck to us all in the coming years. CC

  18. masonlee89

    The story and performance were amazing. This should be required reading in schools instead of the propaganda that idealizes war.

  19. Emile Faeth

    Simple first person narrative observing soldiers
    Not much discussion of the issues presented which is what I gathered would happen from some descriptions I read before. Otherwise, I’ve read a book like this every ten years or so which seems to be enough to know that war sucks. This century’s wars suck more because the corporate drive to fight is so obvious.

  20. Matt

    Great Book; Interesting Perspective
    I really enjoyed this book. A very firsthand and unique perspective. The dialogue is about as raw and profane as you can imagine, but it was not a turn off at all for me like it was for some of the other reviewers. This is how these guys talked and that’s what is in the book. I never saw any of the HBO series, but I plan on checking it out now. In my opinion the narration was terrible; at least when compared to many other 4/5 star books I have purchased. Though don’t let that deter you…. still an excellent listen.

  21. Orville Lafreniere

    Narrator should have been a military guy
    Reads a little unnaturally, mispronouncing stuff like Mk19 and POG. Story was different than adapted in the miniseries.

  22. Merrie Mcpherson

    Politically Neutral??…..Not.
    What disappointed you about Generation Kill?

  23. Elvis Winburn

    Too much “F” word to be listenable
    Military histories are a particular love of mine, but this one is a no-go. I bailed out after about an hour and a half. Yes, the “F” word is military vernacular, but too much is too much. When reading with the eyes, you can skip over offensive content. When “reading” with the ears, it’s impossible. At first, I thought, “OK, I’ll tune it out.” But two or three usages per sentence gets to be like the infamous water torture. May be realistic, but it’s a bit over the top for my ear. Too bad…it gets in the way of what may be a great story. I’ll never know.

  24. Evelyn Fantz

    It doesn’t really get any better than this.
    Very interesting and very sobering. From a Jarhead’s perspective, this book is perfect. You should definitely buy it.

  25. Robt Schamberger

    havent listened to it yet
    I have watched the HBO mini series based on this book.. I am currently downloading the book. Like the last comment, i was expecting a left leaning version of what happened, but was pleasantly surprised that it was fairly politically neutral. I wish i could have read the book before watching the tv show.. but either way i highly recommend watching/listening/reading anything that has to do with this book.

  26. Scott

    Great writer- Great Narrator!
    I listened 3 times. This book is one of my “cult classics” already.
    narration is excellent. Well written. I need more of this style.

  27. Natacha Petit

    Good listen.
    If you like the genre, this is a great book, and tailer made for Patrick Lawler’s style. There is a fair amount of sardonic humor in the book that can be expressed, or ruined, by the narrator, and Patrick is a master of vocal expression. He’s a real storyteller, not just a reader.

    Furthermore, the book portrays a captivating view of the second Iraq War from the standpoint of the Marines who participated in the day to day combat, together with some insight into the root cause of some of the problems we are struggling with today as a result of the way the war was conducted. All in all, a very worthwhile liste.

  28. Shaun Hartling

    A look at real life.
    Generation kill represents a rare occurrence. A modern war memoir without a political agenda. In stead it shows us a glimpse of the real world of the American soldier.

  29. Marc Dicerbo

    The Xbox generation goes to war
    Where does Generation Kill rank among all the audiobooks you’ve listened to so far?

  30. Somer Toczek

    This isn’t a bad book, just not what I was expecting. I was in the military & some of the stuff w the officers really made me mad bc of their lack of respect for everyones lives. Over all, this book was interesting. I won’t read it again though. Nothing against the author.

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