[Download] G.a.G By Ellie Grace


By: Ellie Grace
Length: 118 pages
Release date: Oct 18, 2013
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Southern, but it ain’t no western. In South Carolina, back in the sticks, off the dirt roads is where she, Bailey “Bet Bails” Thomas, lives with Cowboy Coop. Her 17 year old godson, the metrosexual, comes to stay. His coming of age summer break, but little does he know that the business she runs is fairy killing immigration.
This is part one of the G.A.G series. Gagseries.wordpress.com

*** An Excerpt from G.A.G ***
I came back four hours later with a grin on my face. Cooper musta heard my truck coming down the driveway because as I pulled up he came flying down the stairs to the porch. I hopped out of the truck walking slowly making sure not to panic.
“What is it Coop?” I asked.
“How’d it go with the client?”
I couldn’t help, but smile. “Very well, but what’s up?”
“Well, Bray has made friends with a girl.”
I smelled the air. “A girl or?”
Coop nodded. “An Illegal too. I thought you’d like to handle that.”
I ran through the house, out to the back porch, jumped over the steps and tried to slow down as I saw Bray with the girl on the other side of the pool. Bray, hearing me approaching, turned, upset to see that I had made it back so soon.
“Bae, this is...,” Bray started.
I pulled my knife from my pocket flinging it into the air, grabbing the handle and stabbing it right into the heart of the girl. A plume of shimmer dust filled the air. I blew the dust off my knife and put it back in my pocket.
Coop looked at me and smiled.
When I started to walk away Bray had got out of his state of shock. “You just... what just... You killed a person.”
“Now, you know that I’m not to be messed with.”
“Messed with? You killed a person. What is going on? Cooper!”

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