[Download] Futurecard By Cameron West


By: Cameron West
Length: 281 pages
Release date: Dec 18, 2013
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Futurecard has rocketed past Mastercard and Visa to become the only credit card forty million Americans really won’t leave home without. Futurecard stockholders are making a killing, none more than entrepreneur Josh Hartley, the man behind Futurecard, whose popularity as a third-party presidential candidate has soared right along with the credit card that seems to cast a spending spell over its users. Now Hartley is a serious contender for the Oval Office in next week’s election.

Futurecard’s ad campaign creator Delia Shaw should be pleased. Americans couldn’t resist the free $500 in credit offered just for peeling off the tape and activating their Futurecards. And Delia’s choice to make stuntman extraordinaire Reb Barnett into Futureman, a character who swoops into America’s living rooms in wild live-action, stunt-filled commercials, was a hugely successful masterstroke—a superhero with a credit card. But there is clearly something more to the Futurecard phenomenon and Americans seem to be taking the Futurecard’s catchphrase, “It’s the only way to pay,” quite literally.
Reb’s interest in Delia goes beyond the professional, and her suspicious disappearance draws him into the warped world of a group called Orion’s Light who, possibly led by the next President of the United States, are orchestrating the greatest mind manipulation in history. And unless Reb can intervene, on Election Day, a diabolical act of nanoterrorism will forever change the way we see the world. For the villians behind Orion’s Light, beauty is in the eye of the Futurecard holder.

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