[Download] From Hell's Heart By Daniel R. Robichaud

From Hell's Heart

By: Daniel R. Robichaud
Length: 131 pages
Release date: Sep 10, 2013
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When he was a young man, Laird strove to be the most savage killer who walked the world, a marauder who spoke with cold steel as often as with words. He earned his scars, trampling kingdoms into dust beneath his heels.

Then, he met Trytessa, and she woke qualities he thought to be long dead. Conscience, regret, guilt. For her, Laird put aside his savage ways, tried to live a good life.

Sometimes, the past returns hungry for vengeance.

The riders stole everything. Old enemies rode out from misty memory, murdered Laird's wife, dispatched his daughter, and burned his home to cinders.

Laird swore vengeance, never expecting to learn that the monsters who ruined his new life had sold his girl-child to devils.

Sometimes, a father's love for his daughter is his only tie to sanity ...

Now, Laird will stop at nothing to deliver her from darkness. He will call upon old allies, sworn enemies, and ancient magic to venture all the way to Hell's black heart to save his child.

Daniel R. Robichaud delivers a sword and sorcery adventure overflowing with imagination and excitement, recalling the best works of Fritz Leiber, C. L. Moore, Roger Zelazny, and Robert E. Howard.

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