[Download] Fiona and the Water Horse (Magical Pony School) By Billie Hinton

Fiona and the Water Horse (Magical Pony School)

By: Billie Hinton
Length: 219 pages
Release date: Dec 15, 2013
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Book two in the Magical Pony School series - for middle grade readers and everyone who loves horses!

The spring equinox is near and Fiona is practicing for the celebratory ride. When the gray pony mare Rowena bucks her off, Fiona remembers the promise she made to the water horse when he rescued her at winter solstice. She goes to ride him against the advice of friends and teachers. They know what she does not believe: that water horses are powerful and dangerous. And this water horse has already been claimed by Dwyn, the shape-shifting pig woman who will stop at nothing to thwart the students at the Magical Pony School.

From the Author:
Years back when my children first started riding at the very same stable I went to when I was a girl, the idea of a book about a Magical Pony School nestled in the corner of my mind. As I sat in the corner of the indoor riding arena, watching my son and daughter trot around on the cutest ponies imaginable, then listened to their excited recountings of their rides on our way home, I remembered my own early lessons and the names of every single horse and pony I rode.

It was years later before I started writing the first Magical Pony School book, Jane's Transformation. By the time I did, we had moved to our own little horse farm, named it November Hill, and brought our wonderful pony and horse to join us here. I do not know exactly what it is about horses and ponies that steal the hearts of so many of us - but I can say with certainty that once you are smitten, it never goes away.

These books are one way I can explore the phenomenon. I hope you enjoy reading them and that you learn something new not only about horses and ponies, but about yourself.

About the Author:
Billie Hinton lives on a small horse farm in North Carolina with her husband, two teenagers, two horses, a painted pony, six felines, two Corgis, and many wild creatures visiting regularly. She sees magic happen every single day.

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