[Download] Finding the Right Fit By Raymond Kenneth Kaelin

Finding the Right Fit

By: Raymond Kenneth Kaelin
Length: 164 pages
Release date: Jun 30, 2014
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A self exploration and research guide to help you find your right career fit. Discover your unique occupational ‘fit’ for lifelong satisfaction and happiness through a series of dynamic exercises in self analysis geared to reveal the right career for you.

Uncover your unique “Five Way Match”; which is the alignment of the uniquely individualized personal criteria that is different for each person.

This specific set of criteria will be explored and defined by you through these exercises and will be the guide to uncover, research and identify those jobs and careers that match up with The Right Fit of those special criteria

The personal and professional criteria that you’ll explore are all inside of you, ready to be discovered, examined and pursued for a satisfying life. These criteria are defined as:
(1). Things you’re good at, or have a talent for
(2). Things you have a strong desire to do, or passion to do, want to do
(3). Identification of the core values you posses, what is most important to you?
(4). Defining those life and career options that are entirely doable for you
(5). Recognizing those occupations that will pay you for your unique “Right Fit”

These self-analysis and research exercises will lead you to the ‘Right Fit’- which will be a series of targeted occupations, careers and jobs – along with details about the requirements and attributes of each - that best align with these five factors.

Discover and reveal those jobs and careers that are indicative of your values and satisfy those highly personal things that are most important to you – in a life and career pursuing the ‘right fit’.

The title “The Right Fit” means just that, i.e., what occupational endeavor is the right fit for your particular set of personal criteria Each one of us has a unique set of talents, desires and core values that we try to imbue in all of our pursuits – some successfully, some not so successfully. My aim is to help you uncover your unique set of personal criteria and then use that discovering to propel you into an elevated life of satisfying pursuits.

But please note that I did not say “The Perfect Fit” for who can truly find that? How perfect does perfect have to be? One man’s perfection is another man’s mania of endlessly pursuing what can’t be found in a life time of looking. I don’t recommend it. Think instead –satisfaction.

Perfection is not required here, only high levels of satisfaction with the eventual outcomes. Furthermore, the degree of satisfaction will depend upon how well you honestly explore your inner life and how well you follow these guidelines to achieve your aims. But the bottom line is, the outcome will be what works specifically for you - and nobody else.

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