[Download] Fiendish Fall By Christine Chianti

Fiendish Fall

By: Christine Chianti
Length: 257 pages
Release date: Sep 24, 2013
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A curse, a task and a deadline, oh my.....

What if the folklore that your town centered around turned out to be more dark history than legend and placed your family directly in the crosshairs of a 200-year-old curse? Is there anything that you wouldn’t do to protect them?

Seventeen-year-old Stevie Nixon had hopes that her senior year at Sleepy Hollow High would be memorable. But finding a plain antique box, which contains a single yellowed paper, spells out dire consequences for her and everyone she loves. Suddenly everything in Stevie’s world has irrevocably changed, and chaos reigns. The only thing she is positive of is that this year will be unforgettable. That is, if she can beat the deadline.

Stevie sets out to unravel the mystery the clue hides and find a way to spare her family from the vengeance of an ancient curse. To have any chance of success she must rely on her old friends as well as newcomer, Ian Morris, a recent transplant to Sleepy Hollow who has embedded himself into the group. Stevie knows that she must challenge herself and her beliefs if she is to withstand the Fiendish Fall.

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