[Download] Felicity Fights Back By Stella Sykes

Felicity Fights Back

By: Stella Sykes
Length: 365 pages
Release date: Aug 15, 2006
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Felicity Fox had just had a most distressing experience. She had seen what she thought was the reflection of an old bag lady in the plate glass window of Peter Jones, but after a couple of seconds she realised that she was looking at her own image.
Divorced after thirty years of marriage and, feeling well past her sell-by date, Felicity has to start her life all over again. She moves to London and discovers that her friends are only too eager to help her. Jane, with her perfect marriage, is determined to find Felicity a new husband. Venetia, with her perfect body, is determined to mastermind Felicity’s physical transformation and Rose, with her perfect country life, is determined to persuade Felicity to return to Wiltshire. And Felicity herself is determined to... Actually, she has no idea. She’s been a wife and mother for so long, she doesn’t know what else there is. However, she is about to find out with a little help from her friends. But, as so often happens, other peoples’ lives are rarely what they seem, and Felicity discovers that even if she is never likely to have a rich and successful husband, or at any rate her own rich and successful husband, or a size ten figure, or that Georgian manor house, she does indeed have a new life. And what's more, it's all hers; she did it herself; and it's very satisfactory.

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