[Download] Feeling the Unthinkable, Vol. 3: Business as Usual - Greed, Racism and Genocide By Donald Gutierrez

Feeling the Unthinkable, Vol. 3: Business as Usual - Greed, Racism and Genocide

By: Donald Gutierrez
Length: 109 pages
Release date: Sep 16, 2013
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Amador Publishers, LLC is proud to release Feeling the Unthinkable, Essays on Social Justice by Donald Gutierrez in a 4-volume collection of e-books for ease of reading and reference. Each of the four volumes follows exactly its corresponding Part in the print edition. Each e-volume is introduced with relevant excerpts from the Author's original Introduction to the consolidated print edition.

In Volume 3 "Business as Usual - Greed, Racism and Genocide," the author proposes that "sympathetic awareness of the victims of state terrorism should make us realize that their fate could very possibly be ours some day, given the dynamics of concentration of power and wealth in our time, the sharply increasing class divides in the United States and globally, and the consequent need by rulers to preserve their ill-gotten estate."

"Dr. Gutierrez's work is Zinn-esque. His quality and style of writing is both accessible and engaging. Dr. Gutierrez has written a book that is compassionate, comprehensive, and thought provoking. His writing on social injustice at an individual, institutional, state, and global level is alarming. Dr. Gutierrez provides real-world examples that vividly illustrate his claims and strengthen his arguments about systematic terrorism, torture, cruelty, greed, racism and genocide. In the process, the United States is not given a pass. Dr. Gutierrez' work, across the board, is brutally honest and well documented. His claim that democracy is under attack is spot-on and his cry for activism is necessary and timely. Students of social science, political science, international relations, and media studies will greatly benefit from his book. I look forward to sharing his work with both my colleagues and students." --Karen P. Burke, Ed.D, Assoc. Professor, Media Studies Department, Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, Connecticut

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