[Download] Feeling the Unthinkable Vol. 1: State Terrorism - My Country Must Not Torture in My Name By Donald Gutierrez

Feeling the Unthinkable Vol. 1: State Terrorism - My Country Must Not Torture in My Name

By: Donald Gutierrez
Length: 131 pages
Release date: Sep 15, 2013
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WINNER! Political Book, 2013 NM-AZ Book Awards! Amador Publishers, LLC is proud to release Feeling the Unthinkable, Essays on Social Justice by Donald Gutierrez in a 4-volume collection of e-books for ease of reading and reference. Each of the four volumes follows exactly its corresponding Part in the print edition. Each e-volume is introduced with relevant excerpts from the Author's original Introduction to the consolidated print edition.

Of Volume 1, "State Terrorism - My Country Must Not Torture in My Name," Professor Gutierrez states: I feel, perhaps wrongly, that one would want to know that one's government is using his or her tax monies for despicable, brutal ends - especially a country like ours that brags so much about itself being the beacon on the hill, the shining example to the world of freedom and equality. Millions of Americans either have no idea or any concern that their government has used their money and its immense power to assist - even direct - hellish activities abroad in their name. So one intention of the human rights essays in Feeling the Unthinkable ... is to exemplify some of the ruthless, exploitative behavior committed by the American state. Other essays ... deal with victimized individuals who symbolize Washington's egregious abuse of power domestically or abroad.

"What an incredibly powerful book! The oppressive atmosphere created
by worldwide financial instability makes it difficult to face the inhumaneness presented by Professor Gutierrez. But, if we don't feel the pain of the unthinkable acts committed by our government and others, how can we reach into our reserves to find the fury necessary to stop the insatiable barbarism being committed in our name? Professor Gutierrez reminds us why public outrage is more necessary now than ever." --Leslie Hall, Ph.D., Associate Clinical Professor, Washington State University, Spokane

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