[Download] Fang Chronicles: Dmitri By D'Elen McClain

Fang Chronicles: Dmitri

By: D'Elen McClain
Length: 221 pages
Release date: Dec 17, 2013
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With war on the horizon, Dmitri, liege vampire to the bear clan, offers safe haven to Vorlyk and his new clan. Having another vampire in his territory is difficult but a certain young she-cat makes life impossible. The stalking feline has her eyes set on Dmitri even when his eyes stray elsewhere.

The enemy proves that none of the North American clans is safe and it’s time to fight back. Battle plans are drawn, a traitor continues to wreak havoc, and Dmitri hides a secret that could destroy them all.

Can one she-cat change the deadly tide of war and will Dmitri’s curse keep him from taking a chance on love?

Dmitri is book V in the Fang Chronicles series and should be read in order.

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