[Download] Face the Fire By Nora Roberts

Face the Fire

By: Nora Roberts
Narrated by: Sandra Burr
Length: 10 hours
Release date: May 1, 2017
Rating: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (2 votes, average: 4.50 out of 5)

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Mia Devlin knows what it is like to love with your whole heart—and then watch your love walk away. Years ago, she and Sam Logan shared an incredible bond built on passion, legend, and fate. But then one day he fled Three Sisters Island, leaving her lost in memories of the magic they shared—and determined to live without love.

The new owner of the island's only hotel, Sam has returned to Three Sisters with hopes of winning back Mia's affections. He is puzzled when she greets him with icy indifference—for the chemistry between them is still sizzling and true. Angry, hurt and deeply confused, Mia refuses to admit that a passion for Sam still burns in her heart. But she'll need his help—and his powers—to face her greatest, most terrifying challenge. And as the deadline for breaking a centuries-old curse draws near, they must take the first steps toward destiny—and come together to turn back the dark....

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60 Responses to “[Download] Face the Fire By Nora Roberts”

  1. Nathanael Finucane

    Two Trilogies – Same Story, Different Guise
    My taste in Nora Roberts novels runs to those with a magical bent. So it is not surprising that I have recently read the Three Sisters Island and Cousins O’Dwyer series back to back.

    What strikes me is the similarity of the three main female characters in each trilogy. The protagonist in each of the first books is a petite blonde – Nell in Three Sisters and Iona in the O’Dwyer novel. Both start out as timid pixies, who develop a strong back bone as the story evolves. The second book focuses on two women who are completely opposite of Nell and Iona. Ripley, a brunette and Meara, a red head both have a fiery temper and will of steel. Their challenge in the story is to develop maturity and restraint.

    The third book brings the two characters I most enjoy-the black haired beauties Mia and Branna. Of the three pairs, these two women are the “old souls” of the group. They provide grounding around which the other characters operate.

    The plot is almost the same in the two series as well. Each woman finds or reunites with a mate and the three couples form a group to battle a centuries old evil force that threatens to destroy them. The group, of course, prevails and “all is well that ends well.”

    I have enjoyed both trilogies even though they are the same story in a different guise. If you have read and liked one of these series, the other will likely please you unless you are bothered by the similarity of them.

  2. DoseyDoe

    Well performed and good strory, too
    I like this series, and I like the sound of the narrators voice- smooth and pleasant. She does a good enough job of changing it up when reading different characters. Since her voice is feminine, she’s not as believable as the male characters. Maybe next time they can use more than one narrator like they used to do in radio theater! Still, this is a good read, er, listen.

  3. Rhett Chait

    Ruined previous two books in series
    What would have made Face the Fire better?

  4. Mikel Z.

    A wonderful end to a great story
    This is the third and final chapter of the storyline that got me hooked to audiobooks and Nora Roberts. How I wish I could be Mia, or at least know a Mia, what an amazing woman! I loved the drama and suspense and love in this story and I really liked the male angle with Sam. I have listened to these books so many times I can play them back in my mind, but I never get tired of them.

  5. Misty Nissen Shehan

    Thoroughly enjoyed listening to this book after reading it. The performance added to to the author’s vision.

  6. Rayford Renell

    Perfect ending to a wonderful trilogy!
    I didn’t think the second book would be as good as the first or the third as good as the second. The three together was fantastic and kept me sitting in the car listening long after I would get home in the evening! Brilliant!!

  7. Mari

    The story has come full circle
    This book was a great way to end the series. The story of three sisters has come full circle and did not disappoint. Great story, great narrator.

  8. mmccu720

    Enjoyed entire series
    One of my favorite Nora Roberts series. Some magic, love and danger, what could be better.

  9. Manual Lifshitz

    Could not finish
    What would have made Face the Fire better?

  10. Alexander Litz

    Fantasy at its best from the heart of Nora Roberts
    Over the last month or so I was beginning to look for something new. Christmas is always a slow time for new books and I had been re listening to old favourites.

    I went back through my Library for books I had purchased in previous sales, books I probably would not normally buy but held some interest, in some way, so I purchased them at the discounted price.

    One of these purchases was Dance Upon the Air (Three Sisters Island Trilogy).

    I purchased it because of the witchcraft & paranormal element and because Sandra Burr is an excellent Narrator.

    Once I started to listening I was hooked and now that I have finished the series I am searching for more of Nora Roberts books with a witchcraft/paranormal bent.

    Face the Fire is the final instalment in the Three Sisters Island trilogy, which has held me from book one. As with its predecessors, this book does not disappoint and will leave you believing in magic. The narration by Sandra Burr is excellent each and every character comes alive with her narration.

    The series is revolves around the Circle of Three with the present day witches having the same powers as their female ancestors. Nell Channing is Air, Ripley Todd is Earth and Mia Devlin is Fire. Each one of these three women will face situations similar to their ancestors and each must make a choice battling evil and in the end love and magic will either win or lose all (no spoilers sorry ;).

    As the series progresses, the reader becomes quite invested in the strong characters, not only in Nel, Ripley & Mia and their counterparts Zach, Mac & Sam but the support characters and even the villain(s).

    There’s a menacing thread throughout each book in the trilogy that culminates in the last book with a twist.

    Whilst each book is dedicated to each of the ‘sisters’ but each book also adds to the back story and helps bring not only the main characters to life but the support characters and the island it’s self.

    Nora Robert’s deft touch creates a sexy and magical romance edged with mystery.

    I would highly recommend this to anyone who likes their Fantasy with just the right amount of the paranormal & romance. But if you can’t let your mind encompass witchcraft and paranormal events this is best left alone. . . when I told my sister I was listening to this series it turned out she was a Nora Roberts fan but hated this series and never even finished the first book . . .

    Each to their own

  11. Gail Hallowell

    Loved it!
    Which character – as performed by Sandra Burr – was your favorite?

  12. Jed Rutkowski

    Could have been better
    Mia’s story was just not as engaging as Nell and Ripley. Wish there was an epilogue. Worth a listen to wrap up the trilogy, but it doesn’t live up to its predecessors.

  13. Marie

    good, light read
    Would you listen to Face the Fire again? Why?

  14. Lourdes V.

    Excellent trilogy
    Performance voices excellent. Great story filled with magic, humor, suspense and love. Leaves you feeling great

  15. Gilbert Fluty

    very good read, consistent character voices, unique story. Nora roberts is a genius of a writer

  16. Wen Giernoth

    I enjoyed The trilogy of the three, books. It was a wonderful story. With lots of fun, magic, fantasy, love, thrown in with every day life, reality & very colorful and descriptive.

  17. Miguel Gagliardo

    Excellant conclusion to the Trilogy
    This was excellent conclusion to the Sisters Three. For the first part of the story you start to feel like the other characters in the story frustrated, with Mia’s independence but understanding that she must do things her way. And of course you are a pissed at Sam thinking he can just walk in and sweep her away. But as the story precedes you begin to understand their past and why he did what he did. Not that it was right but in his youth those thoughts actually make since. So you find yourself waiting for Mia to trust again. Good versus evil. Witches united together in strength and love. This of course is a G rated romance but very good romance in typical Nora Roberts fashion. If you like Nora’s romances then yes this is a good pick. If you don’t then don’t buy.

  18. Tatum Longman

    Best time of my life
    I totally love Nora Roberts and Sandra Barr does an amazing job of reading. She brings the characters to life and I can leave my space and be completely evolved in the books. I have a difficult time coming back home and dread when the stories end. Thank you Nora and Sandra.

  19. Jessie Shryack

    My addiction!!
    I absolutely was entranced with the Three Sisters trilogy, couldn’t put it down! BRAVO NORA!!

  20. Roberto Wetzel

    Great Trilogy
    Nora Roberts books are easy listening. Sandra Burr has to be my favourite narrator as she is very easy to listen to, keeps you engaged and the story flowing. Brilliant way to pass the time.

  21. Porsha Nodal

    Wonderful romance
    What did you love best about Face the Fire?

  22. Titus Crayne

    It’s Nora
    Is there anything you would change about this book?

  23. Edwin Baier

    a fun re read
    I’ve read this book maybe a half dozen times but enjoyed it all the more as an service.

  24. Arlette Costen

    Elbow Jab — Enough Already
    Nora Roberts is an accomplished writer. I own many of her books.

    The “Three Sisters Island Trilogy” series starts with an abused woman fleeing her torturer.
    Great. A case is made for standing up for yourself. Fine again.

    On the other hand, the lead characters poke, grab, punch in fits of temper. Assult? Yes. The scenes are probably there to heighten the tension of the story line. But… I wish.

  25. Kelle Worton

    Face the Fire
    Third an final in the series. Two people find love after many years apart and together with the other sisters solve the mystery of Sister Island.

  26. Latonia Champlain

    Far more about witchcraft than romance. It bored me. The other books in this series are better.

  27. Carrie K.

    A wonderful ending to the trilogy
    I love this whole trilogy and how the sisters saved the island and all found love. Just as enjoyable the 2nd time around.

  28. Kali

    Read this – don’t listen!
    How did the narrator detract from the book?

  29. Johnson S.

    Love the magic
    Where does Face the Fire rank among all the audiobooks you’ve listened to so far?

  30. Carmelo Uppinghouse

    Intriguing and Believable!
    Would you consider the audio edition of Face the Fire to be better than the print version?

  31. Wilfredo Chisum

    this was my least favorite of the trilogy but good
    this was my least favorite of the trilogy, but it was still good. I am a Nora Roberts fan.

  32. Nada Statum

    Difficult to follow
    I couldn’t get into this book. It was difficult to follow the plot in this format

  33. Cammie Rotenberg

    Awesome Trilogy
    i loved this trilogy! It was very hard to put it down. The narrator did an awesome job!!!!

  34. Rosann Winterling

    Three is a Magic Number
    This is yet another wonderful trilogy by Nora Roberts and book three is magic – a terrific wrap up to the whole story.

  35. Ardelle Lazaga

    Solid story, bad narration
    Would you try another book from Nora Roberts and/or Sandra Burr?

  36. Jamee Widjaja

    Face The Fire
    So sad I am with the third book ! It had me till the last !!!!

  37. Julie J Reed

    Great finsh to the series
    Love this series. I read it often, now Iisten often. The joy of sisterhood of women who become friends, then “sisters”. I have my blood sister, and I have my “sisters” born of long friendships, or similar circumstances. This story illustrates it well. My only problem is I read Mia as Mya, and the narrator says Meea, which annoys me. Probably my fault for reading it wrong in the first place.

  38. Yasmine Huneycutt

    I hoped this last book would be the best – it was!
    I truly enjoyed every minute in each of the three books in this trilogy. In my experience, that’s rare. I wished it could have kept on going. It was easy to imagine myself there right in the midst of all the magic and mayhem.You must read (or listen to, in my case) the entire trilogy from start to finish!

    One small caveat, some of the voices were just too close in sound. That singular part could have been better.

  39. Paulita Labrie

    My favorite in this series.
    I love this series, I have read in paperback and have listened to these audiobooks at least a half dozen times since they were written. They are very sweet and exciting and suspenseful and never fail to make me feel good. I enjoy this narrator and have purposefully bought other books that have been read by her. I hope you enjoy this series as much as I have.

  40. Clarita Paskiewicz

    Amazing as always
    I love her books because you get to see so many sides and it is a great way to relax and listen to a great story. I dont care who reads, I just like to sit back and relax and listen! The Sisters was outstanding!

  41. Marilu Terrey

    this is my favorite in this trilogy

  42. Ernie Mcmahen

    Face the Fire
    This was the first nook that I listened to. Really enjoyed it & could not believe the multi tasking I could do while listening to a good book!

  43. Mohammad Varenhorst

    Great narration – loved it
    The Three Sisters Island Trilogy is wonderfully narrated which, I’m finding, really makes the difference on how much I enjoy the book. Same books I have read and enjoyed and could hardly get through the story in an service format because the narration was so poor. This series is very well done.

  44. Larissa Perfecto

    Read the book it is better
    This was one of my favorite Nora Roberts books and when I saw it was on audio I grabbed it. I was disappointed and it was because of the narrator. I’ve marked down her name so that I won’t get another book she narrates. She made a good book bad.

  45. Samual Heartsill

    Great read
    I could do without the profanity, Gods name being taken in vain. Otherwise wonderful read.

  46. Ida

    Don’t let this be the first of the series that you
    Don’t let this be the first of the series that you will read. Best to read them in order so you have background information and a foundatin for understanding the stories. Good variation on a common theme of witch craft and black magic. Entertaining enough to be a movie or a brief television series. Good mystery, characterization and narration.

  47. Shellie H.

    Engaging, keeps you guessing.
    This is a keep it coming novel. The audio performance is outstanding. Highly suspenseful until the end.

  48. Gaylord Burm

    Happy ending that took too long to end.
    What did you love best about Face the Fire?

  49. Therese Petrina

    Another great listen
    Would you listen to Face the Fire again? Why?

  50. Ronnie I.

    face of fire
    Good story 3rd of trilogy. hate when story not finished. 2 previous characters needed story finished

  51. Charley R.

    i loved this trilogy. it kept me interested and the narrator was great big plus

  52. Cristin Praska

    Good read!
    This book kept you interested and anticipating each. Move the characters were to make. I enjoyed this trilogy very much.

  53. Peter Woulard

    a great book
    I really liked the book and the characters. but how does Nora Roberts write a character named Mac Book and there are no jokes about it?
    are his and Ripley’s children going to be named I-Pod and I-Pad?

  54. Maxima Sanzotta

    Great trilogy
    This listen was well worth the credits. The story was well written and very easy to follow between the books. I would definitely recommend these books.

  55. Pixanna Walker

    good books
    follows the same store line boy and girl , with magic in the middle of the story. no big surprise easy listen good store tellers

  56. gilbert

    Love nora and sandra
    Nora’s books are captivating, Sandra’s readings bring you into the story, more captivating and exciting

  57. Brandy Lasseson

    Enjoyable series! If possible, hear #1 first.
    Very enjoyable listens! Again, Book #1 started with a topical subject,which I applaud her for! She did manage to move the other two books to more fun/intriquing subjects, and made the journey interesting and smooth.

  58. Vanessa

    great book
    this trilogy was the best one I have listened too by Nora Roberts. you mist listen to them.

  59. Libby Mcennis

    wonderful Trillogy!
    Loved this series!! My only complaint is, it’s over. I wish she would write another book, maybe about the next three.

  60. Houston R.

    Wonderful finish to the series!
    Complex characters that kept developing. Very good creepy details & exciting finish! The relationship between the mail character & her “adopted” mother (who is delightful) felt real and poignant. Loved it all!

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