[Download] Essendai By DeeAnn Fuchs, Zachary Fuchs


By: DeeAnn Fuchs, Zachary Fuchs
Length: 446 pages
Release date: Dec 27, 2013
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On the west side of the Empire, the rebellion has begun, but trust between the rebel factions is tumultuous at best. Despite early successes, it will take the cooperation of the rebel leaders to accomplish their ultimate goals, and that cooperation threatens to unravel at every turn.
Lily has left the safety of the Northlands and is now following Tevarian, the reader with whom she shares the mysterious Drasana bond. Regardless of her misgivings about Tevarian and his impassive ways, she finds herself drawing closer to him as they travel east. Their goal is to kill the Emperor; the man who has kept the Empire in his thrall for hundreds of years.
When the final battle lines are drawn, the question is not so much whether they will succeed in freeing the Empire but, rather, will they survive the attempt.

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