[Download] Equal is Unfair: America's Misguided Fight Against Income Inequality By Don Watkins, Yaron Brook

Equal is Unfair: America's Misguided Fight Against Income Inequality

By: Don Watkins, Yaron Brook
Narrated by: Jeff Cummings
Length: 9 hours
Release date: Mar 29, 2016
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We've all heard that the American Dream is vanishing, and that the cause is rising income inequality. The rich are getting richer by rigging the system in their favor, leaving the rest of us to struggle just to keep our heads above water. To save the American Dream, we're told that we need to fight inequality through tax hikes, wealth redistribution schemes, and a far higher minimum wage.

But what if that narrative is wrong? What if the real threat to the American Dream isn't rising income inequality-but an all-out war on success?

In this timely and thought-provoking work, Don Watkins and Yaron Brook reveal that almost everything we've been taught about inequality is wrong. You'll discover:

• why successful CEOs make so much money-and deserve to
• how the minimum wage hurts the very people it claims to help
• why middle-class stagnation is a myth
• how the little-known history of Sweden reveals the dangers of forced equality
• the disturbing philosophy behind Obama's economic agenda.

The critics of inequality are right about one thing: the American Dream is under attack. But instead of fighting to make America a place where anyone can achieve success, they are fighting to tear down those who already have. The real key to making America a freer, fairer, more prosperous nation is to protect and celebrate the pursuit of success-not pull down the high fliers in the name of equality.

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42 Responses to “[Download] Equal is Unfair: America’s Misguided Fight Against Income Inequality By Don Watkins, Yaron Brook”

  1. Luther Benham

    The most American book I have ever found
    Any additional comments?

  2. Remona Escobar

    Impressed with the concepts, respect to the listener, and the easy to listen to voice.
    The reading is in a good tone and easy to listen to. The ideas and explanations are well-researched and concepts thoroughly understood. Faulty, but too often promoted and recited, ideas are broken down and explained with respect and without an emotional bias. I was pleasantly surprised that it was such a common sense, backed up by informed and educated considerations, lay it out book. Highly recommend!


    I wish more people will read this book and understand that socialism does not deliver on its promises. One thing I think the book missed was that it needed to express a little be more compassion on the poor. although I agree with the author on almost all his ideas

  4. Kendrick Crelia

    Must listen to
    great book on Personal Achievement Liberty. a refute of communism collectivism Marxism. you’ll enjoy it.

  5. Vincent F.

    Read. This. Book.
    Everyone knows the narrative. The inequality critics that permeate the mainstream media say “Person A makes 800 times Person B and therefore that’s a problem we must fix.”

    They never look at specifics or details, just aggregate data. This book demolishes all the myths surrounding the folks saying we need to drag down the top and drag up the bottom to mediocrity so that we can all be equal.

    Interesting factoid: Inequality in the US was lowest during the Great Depression. Something tells me there aren’t many people who’d wanna go back there again.

    Excellent book loaded with facts, stats, and research to back up all the points in it, although I’d expect nothing less from a book bearing Yaron Brook’s name.

  6. Pete Vanleuven

    Covers one part of title very well. Title suggests a broader approach
    Authors do a good job of covering the liberals mistaken view of billionaires like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, etc. not being entitled to their wealth. But does not cover the subject of men/women same job but unequal pay. I guess it would have doubled the book size. Another part of the argument against the rich that is not touched on is greed. Corporations need to make a profit for sure, but hard to justify CEO’s making 200 to 300 times their employees average income. That differential is way to much. Other nations CEO’s income is, like Americas was 50 years ago, more like 50 to 100 times. Still a very nice annual income. Still worth a listen too to see how “communistic” the liberal argument is against the corporate CEO’s or Athletes or Movie Stars who make millions annually.

  7. Socorro Zeck

    Understanding competition
    The subject is explained with lots of examples, what makes it easy to understand for people without advanced education on economics themes.

    It also explains the different view of philosophical schools on human development, which makes clearer the opinions of authors.

    I recommend it to any person interested in the motor that pushes the free will against the government controlled economy.

    I rated it with five stars because its clarity, I learn some new concepts, and enjoyed it.

  8. Michel

    must read in high school
    Should be a required book in high school. Great guide to the current false narative

  9. Michael

    Provocative title. Great book.
    A thoughtful and rational case for why political equality is the only kind of equality we should strive for.

  10. Danny B.

    Political Equality > Economic Equality- Must Read!
    Any additional comments?

  11. Cherlyn S.

    This is a must read
    This book gives the best answer to date to the equivalency argument which has gained popularity in the political discussion around the world. It’s an easy read. It’s very well-documented, it is logical, it’s just something that needs to be read. The man who read it was excellent.

  12. Enriqueta Aben

    I can’t recommend this book highly enough
    As I progressed through it, this book quickly graduated from ‘one of the better books I’ve ever read,’ to ‘arguably the most important book written in the last twenty years.’ It is now my number one recommendation to friends, family and colleagues. I wish it were compulsory reading in schools.

  13. Devon Klocke

    Really great work!
    Not recommended for those who are equilibritatarians or socialists. Good clear logical presentation. well done.

  14. MtnMama11

    Great Book
    Loved the book. Relevant to the divisiveness in our country today. Great read for those who think Bernie has a viable economic plan that will make America prosper.

  15. Wesley Eison

    I enjoyed the breakdown through out the chapters, as well as the argument/counter argument style of text. It’s an important book in our current social landscape as the next generation struggles to find its identity in a capitalist, winner takes all system.

  16. Chan Degrave

    Very well done! Most of it was perfect for the person that is not skilled in economics and philosophy, however there was also enough deeper stuff covered to be perfect for any level studier of History, economics and philosophy. It is one of those books that I wish every person in the world would read between ages 18 and 25!

  17. Seymour Gladen

    Excellent read. This book is full of insightful and thoughtful analysis. It’s interesting and thought provoking. Many people are dissatisfied with the status quo in the U.S. today as evidenced by the current strange presidential election cycle. The ideas in this book are refreshing and in my opinion would solve many of the problems this country faces today. I would highly recommend Equal Is Unfair!

  18. Donnell Azbill

    Fantastic book
    A must read for any person honestly inquiring about inequality in America, This book makes sense of the issues, and offers the implications for the future. Covered are Egalitarianism, Individualism, and the differences between inequality of outcome and inequality of rights. If you want to be at the forefront of the debate, this book is the perfect choice.

  19. Katelynn Brudner

    Positive, challenging, just!
    Could only hope for more books like this one. Positive message and motivating to the listener. Go create and make life the best it can possibly be!!

  20. Shay Neeson

    lesson to vendo learned
    A boom fulled with arguments against social justiceiro Warriors. easy to understand that the most Free people are more prosperous the hole society is

  21. Courtney Rueluas

    Must read for all Americans…
    This book presents a critical message, especially in an election year dominated by two headlines: the republicans choose a walking protectionist gaffe — the democrats nearly choose a proud, self-declared socialist.

    It’s refreshing to know that there are people out there who are capable of addressing the chief political question of this or any day…the role of the federal government in creating or preventing opportunity. This is the battle that the right should drop all issues and devote all resources to winning because the left has been wrong about it and grows bolder and more wrong by the day. If only schools (and the government ones would never) taught Atlas Shrugged and this book, we’d be in a lot less danger of having unscrupulous elites and the ever growing number of shameless dependents to whom they condescendingly pander take over our political system for good. My only question is why weren’t these guys in that fairly depressing field of 16?

  22. Jannet Gatchalian

    The most important book of the decade.
    There has never been a time when this book is more needed. directly combating “capitalism in the 21st century”- this book challenges the status quo and offers ideas that can really lead to prosperity.

  23. Leonardo Balnis

    About time
    Its truly about time someone said the obvious. Perhaps I can add that he should also tell them to stop whining and get off their lazy butt and get to work try to make the world a better place. Great book and now I will buy and send several to the leftist who demand more of what everyone else’s hard work achieved. If they don’t like the principles of this country then just go find an already established communist country stop trying to ruin ours. Well put from the business side perhaps with white gloves.

  24. SmartBean

    Interesting but not completely convincing.
    The arguments are impassioned and persuasive, but not entirely convincing. The crucial weak point is the lack of a strong refutation of the idea that people don’t deserve the rewards of success because they aren’t responsible for their genes, parents, environment, etc.

  25. Coyote

    Fantastic read.
    Yaron Brook and Don Watkins have written a brilliant work. Their arguments for inequality are solid. If widely read this book will go down in history as an intellectual masterpiece.

  26. Kelli S.

    Compelling, but incomplete
    This book makes a compelling argument for leaving the free market own devices. however, our society-as it exists today-is repeat with influences that are the result of injustices in the past. The book makes no attempt to tackle the question of whether intervention is needed now to correct the imbalances produced by those injustices.

    In my own country, South Africa, the system of Apartheid denied the majority of our citizens the rights and opportunities that the minority benefited from. The legacy of that denial of opportunity is one which cannot fairly be corrected by simply dismantling the welfare state.

  27. Granville W.

    Best book on inequality.
    This book is phenomenal. I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to get a fresh new perspective on such an old and trite subject.

  28. Coleman T.

    I was surprised at how the authors presented their arguments with such clarity and persuasiveness. They make economic arguments accessible and concise. If you care at all about income inequality or poverty in America this is essential reading.

  29. John Bequillard

    Should be mandatory reading for all Americans!
    This is the best book on libertarian economics I’ve encountered in years–and I read a lot of them! The authors are masters of making clear, concise points and keeping the topic interesting–not an easy task with economics! The narrator is also exceptionally good. Highly recommended!

  30. Michael Silver700

    We need more books like this–ones that celebrate success and doing well, and encourage a society that wants individuals to strive for their potential. It’s a much needed antidote to all the socialist and communist poison seeping into America.

  31. Leonel Zilka

    Good – Looking for more depth
    While I agree with many concepts in this book the authors don’t support their claims the way I would have liked to see. More citations of research and studies with actual data would have bolstered their arguments. I’m not questioning the accuracy of the information, I was just looking for more substance and new ideas that I haven’t come across before.

  32. Barton H.

    very informative
    I enjoyed it , however I could have used more explanation on some of the ideas

  33. Maren Chevis

    A must read.
    This is a must read for a anyone looking to understand and defend what the American Dream.

  34. Ike Pulsifer

    The Perfect Book for a ‘Progressive’ Friend
    Any additional comments?

  35. Althea Gasparino

    Great book in a time when it is needed
    The book is great. Got the service version. The message in the book needs to get out to more people. Great insight into evaluating stats that are peddled through the mainstream media.

  36. Earnest Gautreaux

    Very informative
    This is an excellent book for people of all political beliefs. He presents both sides of the arguments, and explains the flaws in statistics and reasoning where appropriate.

  37. Camila Fuelling

    Primer on Political and Economic liberty
    This is a fantastic primer on the necessity of both political and economic liberty. The authors take on the question of whether income inequality is bad, examine the origins of inequality, and demonstrate why prosperity, not inequality, is what matters.

    I would rate this as one of the best three libertarian books by modern writers, on par with David Boaz’s Libertarian Primer and Matt Kibbe’s Don’t Hurt People and Don’t Take Their Stuff.

    I highly recommend it.

  38. Jen Orren

    Strong critique of egalitarianism
    This book is a great modern application of free market philosophers such as Locke, Friedman, Hyak, and others. It’s very organized and points out common fallacies of authoritarian, leftist economics.

  39. Windy Seelbach

    Great analysis of various arguments.
    Great book. great analysis. Unbiased (politically speaking), factual, research-based, and clear. Will be reading this book again soon.

  40. Anjelica Wessman

    Good thought provoking book.
    Good thought provoking book. I would recommend people listen to it but think critically about its message

  41. Juan Kleinman

    Must read if you love freedom
    Socialists need not read. Classic liberals may like. Smart. Moves well and contradicts PC ideas in every way.

  42. Johnathan Lepera

    Last chapters were a bit lacking
    A very good book, I feel however that the writers dropped the ball towards the end. while its majority was filled with very interesting and well studied empirical data, the last chapters were a bit too preachy for me. Overall, a good book

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