[Download] Empire of Dreams By Giannina Braschi

Empire of Dreams

By: Giannina Braschi
Narrated by: Adriana Sananes
Length: 4 hours
Release date: Nov 27, 2012
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In the Hispanic American classic Empire of Dreams, Giannina Braschi calls for a revolution in poetry - a revolution against the Latin American Boom. New York City becomes the site of liberation for its marginal characters who seek to experience the center of power, of meaning, of feeling, and of personal identity. Clowns, buffoons, shepherds, magicians, and madmen perform their fantasies in the city streets. In a climatic episode of a pastoral revolution, shepherds take over the top floor of the Empire State Building, where they dance and sing, "Now we do whatever we please! Whatever we please! Whatever we damn well please!"

Newly translated by Tess O’Dwyer, this audio edition captures the euphoric spirit of the Spanish original and is an exquisite piece of artistry in its own right.

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