[Download] Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself From Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life By Judith Orloff

Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself From Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life

By: Judith Orloff
Narrated by: Kirsten Potter
Length: 14 hours
Release date: Mar 3, 2009
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Picture yourself trapped in a traffic jam feeling utterly calm. Imagine being unflappable and relaxed when your supervisor loses her temper. What if you were peaceful instead of anxious? What if your life were filled with nurturing relationships and a warm sense of belonging? This is what it feels like when you've achieved emotional freedom.

National bestselling author Dr. Judith Orloff invites you to take a remarkable journey, one that leads to happiness and serenity, and a place where you can gain mastery over the negativity that pervades daily life. No matter how stressed you currently feel, the time for positive change is now. You possess the ability to liberate yourself from depression, anger, and fear.

Emotional Freedom is a road map for those who are stressed out, discouraged, or overwhelmed as well as for those who are in a good emotional place but want to feel even better. Complete emotional freedom is within your grasp.

From the Compact Disc edition.
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4 Responses to “[Download] Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself From Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life By Judith Orloff”

  1. Amos Stonis

    What did you love best about Emotional Freedom?

  2. Claude Skillan

    It’s a little boring.
    I do not like that this psychologist. She talks too much about herself; also, talks too much about unimportant things. Some of the things that she talks about are nice and help me with my problems, although it would have been better if she would not talk so much about uninteresting things such her dreams and self imagined abilities to read people’s minds and dreams. Also, I do not like her voice, it’s hard to understand.

  3. Piedad Boitel

    Emotional Freedom
    I enjoyed all the book had to offer. I enjoyed listening to the reader’s soothing voice while doing chores I did not enjoy while reflecting on my own emotional experiences. This book made me reconnect with a family member after 20 years, helped me let go of my anger & rebuild broken family relationships & even reach out to my friends from grade school. Encouraged me to confront my supervised at work & calmly address my concerns and more.
    I will be listening to this book again.

  4. Cordell Gilreath

    Very Insightful
    No book ever has it 100% but this book certainly is extremely helpful. I find it very good that the author uses herself as an example so many times, proving to me that she is not just saying things, she actually relates. Her stance on spirituality seems very open and I like that, to me, this is as it should be. With an open mind anyone can find help in this book.

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