[Download] Elightened (Andras' MoonRiver Series) Book Two By Angela Laycock

Elightened (Andras' MoonRiver Series) Book Two

By: Angela Laycock
Length: 107 pages
Release date: Dec 29, 2013
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Andras Moonriver has traveled the four known worlds, hunting down Hermes and trying to put a end to the chaos he has created. After defeating Typhon she had returned home, hoping to get some much need R&R only to discover that the imbalance Hermes created was worse than first thought. Now the Gods were calling upon her skills again to help capture the ancient Prussian Goddess Peckols and her three Furies. The worlds depend on her now more than ever. Traveling to Valhalla in hopes of stopping the destruction Hermes created in his wake, she finds a way to reverse the Curse Medusa placed on Her mother. Yet it could prove to be more than dangerous. Edam and Ares fight for her heart and hand as she wages war with beings older than time itself. A Valhalla guardian Vallek may be her only hope in restoring the worlds to their rightful places. Will she stop the chaos in time?

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