[Download] Elephant Milk By Diane Sherry Case

Elephant Milk

By: Diane Sherry Case
Length: 192 pages
Release date: Dec 19, 2013
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Seventeen year old Sean Hayes is driving Elvis’ lime green dune buggy down Sunset Blvd. It is 1969 and things are starting to get icky. A movie is soon to be released with Sean’s unexpectedly naked breasts in it and she has just watched her best girlfriend shoot heroin, while Keith Richards nodded on the couch. Sean parks on Coldwater Canyon and walks down the hill where she finds a pile of black clothes, wet with blood. The Tate murders?

Meanwhile, the love of her life has disappeared south of the border and Sean has no idea exactly where he is. She leaves Beverly Hills determined to find him somewhere in Mexico, even if it means joining a traveling circus and getting lost in a world of drum rolls and lions and Mayan glyphs. Even it means having knives thrown at her for a living, and facing a loaded machine gun in the hands of her rival. Somehow, she will find Frank, even if means going deep into the jungle, just in time to view a total eclipse, on the back of her favorite elephant.

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