[Download] Educate and Survive: A compilation of Survival Knowledge By Micah McGuire

Educate and Survive: A compilation of Survival Knowledge

By: Micah McGuire
Length: 164 pages
Release date: Nov 24, 2013
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With the problems facing people today there are too many possibilities that you may need to know how to survive without the benefit of the technology commonly in use. No guarantee exists that you will wake up tomorrow morning and be able to even drive to work, let alone pay your bills or go shopping at the local grocery store. In this guide we detail the most common elements of survival that will make you prepared for anything short of the zombie apocalypse, from what to put in your bug-out bag to planting fruit trees, to making your own deodorant, and even building a windmill for charging batteries. Sure, this will all take a bit of planning on your part, but with the information contained herein you at least will have the information to fuel your ability to keep you and your family independent of a government that increasing seeks to bring its citizens under the thumb of Big Brother.

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