[Download] Eclectic: Beyond the Skin By Queen of Spades

Eclectic: Beyond the Skin

By: Queen of Spades
Length: 174 pages
Release date: Sep 11, 2013
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Queen of Spades has returned in full force as she gives you a VIP Pass into her world, inviting a thorough excavation into the layers. Eclectic: Beyond the Skin is composed of these three primary layers that are described (as well as Deep Tissue):

Do you just want to touch the surface? Then, take delight in Epidermis. Epidermis is a collection of senryu-esque poems that will leave a lengthy impact.

Do you want to go beyond or just accustomed to “Vintage”? Then, take a dive into Dermis, where Queen exhibits what her old and new followers have classified as her vintage style. From attracting a new love to arousing outside awareness, Queen of Spades provides experiences that go beyond vintage and extend to the universal.

Do you want to indulge in further depth? Then, savor Hypodermis. Hypodermis is a selection of ten proses/monologues that will bring you through a myriad of emotions, ranging from outrage and disappointment to laughter and triumph.

For those of you who have this edition, you are in for a special treat. Eclectic: Beyond the Skin features a layer entitled Deep Tissue. Deep Tissue contains the short story, “Misfortune”, my first journey into short story writing in well over a decade. “Misfortune” will also be featured in Queen of Spades’ short story collection, Continuous Drips, which will be released late next year.

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