[Download] Echo of a Siren By Sonya C. Dodd

Echo of a Siren

By: Sonya C. Dodd
Length: 194 pages
Release date: May 27, 2013
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Greg’s world was turned upside down the night of the storm. Unexpectedly plucked from the sea’s watery grave by a mysterious woman, he knows he should feel grateful for his life when so many were not as fortunate.
Rachel is a siren, her role is to lure men to their deaths. But she cannot bring herself to destroy Greg. As unfamiliar human emotions begin to take over her, she has to fight against the siren within her, as well as the Siren Counsel in order to find some peace of mind.
However, for Greg, whenever Rachel is around, someone always seems to die. When he tries to begin a new life for himself, she is still there and it is not until she tells Greg her story that they each become ready to move forward in their lives.
But will fate permit them to live as a normal couple with so much death in their wake?

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