[Download] Earth’s Darkness and Light: Understanding the World We Live In By Boyd Aaron George

Earth’s Darkness and Light: Understanding the World We Live In

By: Boyd Aaron George
Length: 257 pages
Release date: Sep 16, 2013
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Earth’s Darkness and Light highlights the tensions and calamities mankind faces in the world today and reveals four different orders that are responsible for what is happening on the earth. Earth’s Darkness and Light is a thoughtful and conversational book that helps you ask questions you may never have thought of asking before. It helps you look at the pros and cons of life and encourages you to decide to live life better, rather than give in to despair and not even try to live.

This book deals with practical issues and asks thoughtful questions to help you think through most of life’s issues and make decisions that will allow you to experience a life accompanied by the five pillars of life. These five pillars of life are love, peace, joy, contentment, and freedom—the things all people earnestly yearn for but seldom know where to look. This book will prompt you to ask yourselves important questions and to define what life really is to you.
Earth’s Darkness and Light reveals the order that exists over the Earth, which is manifested by mankind. It also raises the argument ‘if there is a God, why is evil so dominant?’ On the contrary, why should God come to the aid of mankind? It also deals with praying for a dying soul and turning from God because your prayer was not answered and your loved one died. Earth’s Darkness and Light gives us an understanding of the world we live in, and it is also a book for thought. The five pillars of life bring one to life fullness, experiencing true life, without which one will die without living life. We can decide to experience life before we die or we can die and not try to live life, this is the decision we have to make now and not tomorrow. Why? Because we are still alive and this is our only chance to experience and live life now, which continue after you leave this Earth, that is after death. Does this means life after death exists? Does this means all of mankind has a place to go after this life on earth? These questions and many more are answered in this book as it speaks of accountability which is a way of life today.

In this book, Earth’s Darkness and Light, we argue that if accountability is a way of life, how will those suicide bombers and others who commit treacherous crimes be accountable for their actions after they have died before they face the justice of man? Earth’s Darkness and Light also reveals the tri-life of mankind; their physical, spiritual and eternal life. It also argues that if there is a tri-life of mankind, there also have to be a tri-death which is also spiritual, physical and eternal death. It speaks of those who believe they will get away with their crimes in this life, when in fact they will have to give an account after they have left this life. Not only those who commit crimes but all of mankind will have to give an account of their life here on earth.

Earth’s Darkness and Light explores life’s warfare and the will power to survive. It talks about the war that is going on within the life of mankind which leads to many committing suicide. On the other hand earth’s darkness and light caution mankind and speaks of the power he has to subdue and overcome, not bowing down to the order of darkness. Earth’s darkness and light reveals an understanding of the world we live in and how true life can be achieved. It brings us to the point of discovering who we are through self-evaluation questions.

It therefore allows us to see our DNA line and encourages mankind to go after its origin and begin to live the life with the five pillars of life. Mankind has nothing to lose but only to gain when he returns to his beginning; and the question is, where is mankind’s beginning? Earth’s Darkness and Light looks at this question from science and religion prospective and leaves us with the question who am I?

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