[Download] Down with Hy By Roman Dee Hellwigi

Down with Hy

By: Roman Dee Hellwigi
Length: 352 pages
Release date: Jan 1, 1996
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While Master Hy sleeps, something unique is discovered in a "lowly" pile of cast-off skin around his hooves. It's quietly hidden away and nurtured by six harem girls. But it's devilish horns are growing quickly, and soon the fate of the ruggedly handsome burden will be turned over to Hy- his inadvertent maker and so called big brother.

Lo's back! And navigating the beautiful but often brutal world of his genesis: Ancient Egypt. From the wide Mediterranean shores and the vibrant people of Alexandria, to the magnificent city of Cairo; where an intoxicating older woman, her innovative husband, and a living daughter of Isis will all leave their mark on Lo's head, heart, and ultimately, his way of thinking.

“My very own sticks-and-stones blood brother!” Proclaims Hy, with a smug sort of pride as he reclines on a woven silk chaise and allows his little cast-off to absorb his infinite knowledge, aloof essence, and vast wisdom of the mortal man; all the while encouraging the harem girls to subtlety weave their finely colored threads of reality and common sense through Lo's modest tunic.

Lo's first taste of an everyday existence is based solely on Hy's mortal menagerie. A generation of slaves that suddenly found themselves “acquired” by the Master rule, and for the first time in their miserable existence, treated as real men. Free to live and love and eat, as long as they helped to build Hy's great vision of a house. A vision that ceremoniously laid the first slab of stone over the rotting corpse of the lands former owner.

Now their descendents come together to form a diverse family under the unique conditions of Hy's great roof. An unusual haven of earth based pleasure that is free from the repressive beliefs and harsh realities of such a superstitious time and place.

Lo's powers quickly begin to manifest with Hy's steadfast example. But along the way -through trial and error- Lo learns that his soul is very different from that of his big brother's, and his heart beats to a different drummer.

As complex and individual as all of our personalities, 'Down with Hy' is a beginning of sorts for the character of Lo. A wild-card stop over on a exotic middle ground. Filled with lavishly seductive description, frustratingly honest brotherly banter, and as always, fun filled escapades and unpredictable plot twists and turns.

Like all of us who have suffered and will inevitably suffer the sad ending of an era; an experience that was shaped so magnificently and definably by a now lost loved one, 'Down with Hy' reminds the reader that nothing in the world is more powerful than nature. And for better or worse, the only constant in any mans life -mortal or eternal- is change.

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