[Download] Do It to My Mind By N. Wood Lane

Do It to My Mind

By: N. Wood Lane
Length: 367 pages
Release date: Oct 14, 2013
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When the Ordinary Doesn't Work . . .

After several years of marital futility, Sonia Buckner declares she’s tired of faking it with her husband Trent. She demands that he listens to her so that he might learn about why she’s in this rut. She lectures to him the woman’s mind is the pathway to her experiencing pleasure with her husband, and she poses suggestions to him that might help.

Trent thinks he’s listening to Sonia, but he finds out he’s far from making any progress. She reminds him that she still has several unresolved issues with him stemming from earlier in their marriage. This leads to him being cast into the Dog House Inn.

Determined to leave the Dog House Inn, Trent considers what Sonia has been telling him all along. But newer challenges creep up. Both are tempted by looking elsewhere to soothe their frustration with each other.

Will these nuptials figure out a solution themselves? Will their love for each other prevail? Or will budding interests outside their marriage lure them away for good?

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