[Download] Disorganised Crime By Drew Lindsay

Disorganised Crime

By: Drew Lindsay
Length: 299 pages
Release date: Sep 25, 2013
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Ex Police Detective Ben Hood was trained and experienced in the deadly art of Ninjutsu. His teacher often pitted his skills against other students of the fighting art. The beautiful and strangely complicated Italian woman gave little away during their training sessions. When she later went missing, Ben was hired through the VIP protection agency that employed him, to find her. It should have been a fairly easy job. What Ben didn’t initially know, was that this woman was the wife of a senior member of the Australian mafia, operating in a large NSW country town. Ben’s attempts to locate her would bring him on a collision course with men who kill when strangers poke their noses into activities of the mafia, either personal or business. What the mafia boss doesn’t understand however is that he is not dealing with just another law abiding VIP protection agent. He is dealing with Ben Hood. Ben rarely follows the rules, making him unpredictable and dangerous.

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