[Download] Discovering The Prophets in the Old Testament: A Small Group Bible Study By Bruce Reed Pullen

Discovering The Prophets in the Old Testament: A Small Group Bible Study

By: Bruce Reed Pullen
Length: 122 pages
Release date: Sep 20, 2013
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Jesus came preaching the message, “Repent,” that is, “Turn from what you are doing to doing what is right, for the Kingdom of God is at hand.” The prophets had a similar message. Over a period of several hundred years, their message was consistent: being related to God through faith places certain requirements on God’s people. This introduction to the prophets explores the call of the prophets to us today and encourages us to live as God calls us to live.
You have read the four gospels and possibly the Acts of the Apostles. You may have read the rest of the New Testament and possibly much of the Old Testament. Now you want to study specific passages to determine how they may relate to your life and how you should live it. While you may assume a particular passage impacts your life only in a certain way, here you will be challenged to consider it from a variety of view points. Each chapter contains at least ten questions to facilitate discussion.
Discovering the Prophets - Student Edition was designed to provide a guide for small group Bible study, personal reflection, or as a preaching resource for the Old Testament prophets and their message. It begins with Amos, one of the early prophets, and then explores the messages of Isaiah, Hosea, Micah, Habakkuk, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Zechariah, and finally Malachi. Although specific scriptures have been selected to illustrate the messages of the prophet, you may wish to read the whole book bearing the prophet’s name, especially when it comes to the minor prophets which are not long. An overview gives us a brief picture of the prophet’s life followed by notes on specific scripture texts often including what Jesus, Paul, or the Psalmist might say about the issue. The sessions close with a prayer.

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