[Download] Diamonds Or Dust By Luann Reynolds

Diamonds Or Dust

By: Luann Reynolds
Length: 470 pages
Release date: Feb 1, 2008
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Victoria Alexandra Highland loves two men, J.W. Reynolds and Marshal Mac McClellan. One has proposed and one she wishes would. With both, she experiences bonds of desire. With J.W. out of town, Mac McClellan joins her for Thanksgiving. Sleigh rides, slow dancing and hot searing nights clarify the difference between love and in love.
Madam Grace Talbot needs to take leave of the Good Hour brothel and entrusts Vicky to manage her business. During her stay, there’s a series of dramatic events, including murder.
Vicky travels to Denver for her brother John’s wedding and spends Christmas with her family.
Just when she thinks that Marshal McClellan may be back in her life, the unexpected beauty named Elizabeth VanBuren arrives on scene.
When things begin to settle down, Phillip Bouvier, McClellan’s brother-in-law, escorts Victoria to Durango, where New Year’s Eve brings another surprise.
Meanwhile, Inspector Hugo Southerland continues the hunt for Dr. Frances Highland. Victoria takes possession of the brass box, the key to Dr. Frances Highland and James Brody’s nefarious secrets.

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