[Download] Deniable Assets (Exocet) By Terence Gibbons

Deniable Assets (Exocet)

By: Terence Gibbons
Length: 278 pages
Release date: Dec 23, 2013
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April 1st: Argentina has invaded the Falkland Islands. As the government struggles to form the British Task Force to recover them they are also desperately worried that the Argentines have Exocet missiles with aircraft to deliver them. Groups mission is to eliminate this threat and Forrester is promoted to colonel to take command of a force made up of Groups Alpha, Bravo and Charlie. The SAS thought it would be suicide. Colonel Forrester leads Group Alpha over the Andes from Chile, who have given a lot of aid against their natural enemy. Group Alpha perform surveillance on the naval airfield at Rio Grande for ten days -- the time it takes for a submarine to deliver Groups Bravo and Charlie from Ascension Island. When the three Groups tie up the airfield is totally destroyed. They are all extracted by the same submarine but there are further orders for Group Alpha. They must ambush a convoy carrying Exocet missiles to Argentina from friendly Peru. Throughout the mission it is made clear that no one should be taken prisoner; that wounded or dead must be brought out leaving no evidence that it was a British assault. The threat lay in the Rio Pact which is similar to NATO in that if one country is invaded or subjected to a bombing raid then the other members take up arms against the aggressor. The USA is a part of that treaty and not one to have in opposition. Forrester leads his people valiently to destroy the airfield at Rio Grande then on into Bolivia to destroy the convoy but things are not complete enough for him. He follows his gut instinct to fall upon another five aircraft loaded with Exocet missiles. His actions demand questions between Margaret Thatcher and the French President whose country make both the aircraft and the Exocet missile. Everything is stacked against Group Alpha. Do they succeed?

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