[Download] Deaconsbank By Alexis Scott


By: Alexis Scott
Length: 423 pages
Release date: Sep 24, 2013
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'Deaconsbank' is a literary crime novel set in contemporary Glasgow. When Moira Forrest – a writer of romantic fiction - is found dead from a stab wound in Patsy McCutcheon’s garden in Glasgow’s southern suburbs Detective Inspector Sarah MacLeod and her side-kick Hearst are allocated the task of investigating the murder. Patsy’s neighbours, ostensibly respectable, law-abiding citizens, are not all they seem. Sarah – born and raised on the isle of Harris and in the Wee Free Church – finds the neighbours to be quite alienated from the police and the law as well as each other. Living a privatised existence there is no love lost between the Martins, the Hewitts and the Bensons and it is not just the (initial) prime suspect who is found to be telling a tissue of lies to the police..

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