[Download] Dayfall By Silas H. Tyler


By: Silas H. Tyler
Length: 361 pages
Release date: Sep 5, 2013
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Imagine a world devoid of any sort of magic. A world where its citizens must learn to harness the forces of nature: wind, fire, steam, water, and even thunder itself. We might assume that, if left to their own devices, a sapient race will likely build their world into something like ours. Idyll is such a world. Much like ours, its people are sometimes evil, and sometimes inspiring and impossibly longsuffering. Idyll's civilized men and women had even begun something of an industrial revolution, only to be interrupted by magic-wielding conquerors from another world. These are the elves, who still stand as Idyll's rulers when the story opens.

Reis is a human boy born to a normal man, and a woman marked by their society. He grows up with full knowledge that his world has no magic of its own, though the elves once commanded mystic forces. This story, titled "Dayfall," chronicles Reis's journey to discover where the magic had come from, why it suddenly disappeared, why humans could never use it, and why the elves came to Idyll.

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