[Download] Dark Secret By Christine Feehan

Dark Secret

By: Christine Feehan
Narrated by: Richard Ferrone
Length: 15 hours
Release date: Sep 21, 2006
Rating: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (3 votes, average: 3.00 out of 5)

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New York Times best-selling author Christine Feehan has thrilled countless readers with her Dark series. In Dark Secret, stubborn cowgirl Colby Jansen has spent five years toiling to maintain the ranch her stepfather willed to her and her step-siblings. But suddenly her stepfather's family appears from Brazil to take custody of Colby's sister and brother, with the aid of the powerful De La Cruz brothers. Colby doesn't trust Rafael De La Cruz, but she can't deny her attraction to him. For his part, Rafael is determined to make Colby his lifemate before it's too late.
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48 Responses to “[Download] Dark Secret By Christine Feehan”

  1. Betsy D.

    Dark Secret
    A great story always enjoy Christine Feehan and the Dark Series. I read the book and thought it was one of the best stories of the series. The thing I don’t like is on the audio book is the narrator. He is just plain bad. I do not care for the way he tries to speak like a woman and also his Spainish accent it awful it is almost painful to listen to him read this book. I can only hope this is the last book he did for this series.

  2. Shon Hathorn

    easy to listen to
    Richard Ferrone has a great voice. I like the way he brings the characters to life. As for the book…it is Christine Feehan. I love just about everything she’s written

  3. Burma Beukema

    Masculine men and intrigue
    What more can a woman ask for. I think some of our men could stand to read and practice some of there techniques. Well, made more than one.

  4. Voncile Huitzacua

    not this time
    i have purchased about 10 of these books. I was drawn in, mostly by the new twist on vamps. the concept of the “carpathian” is pretty good. the intimate stuff was hotttt…(the first time) honestly it gets old…but i come back for the rest of the story. I get in to the individual storylines of each of the members of the race.
    this time, however, I dont care. De La Cruz is an ass. for awhile there i thought this would be the first tragedy ending for a carpathian. I can not be convinced. in the other books, the slow coming around of the woman can be imagined and as much i want to slap these chicks sometimes, it still seems to work. not this time. the rest of the story is good but the relationship between colby and de la cruz should end with a nice walk in the sun.

  5. Kathe Auxilien

    Christine Feehan does it again! This book is exciting and you won’t be able to stop listening. I recommend it to those who like a thrilling love story edged with danger. After listening to this book – you will have to find all the others available by Christine Feehan. She is the best!! You will not view vampire romance the same ever again. =)

  6. Marvin Herrin

    Too Much Violent Domination
    Feehan used to have good stories. Ugly, violent, sex. ruins everything. I find it sickening

  7. Frankie Villaluz

    Pretty disappointing!
    I had only read one other Feehan book (from the Drake series) and found it to be fairly entertaining. However, I found the whole arrogant male domination thing too much in this book. I did not like the idea of taking someone’s right to choose away from them, it made the main female character look weak and stupid. Ok, the Carpathians are different and live by their own rules, but I have read other books in the paranormal romance genre where there is still a strong female lead character. I found both the sex scenes and much of the plot way over the top. Finally, I found the narrator both irritating and annoying. I kept thinking it might get better – but it didn’t.

  8. Rowan Zoe

    just poke my ears out
    Would you say that listening to this book was time well-spent? Why or why not?

  9. Khasi

    pig headed woman
    Coby is too stubborn, how you gonna sleep with someone and not trust them? HUH?

  10. Stephen Johnsey

    Rafael and Colby Love. story
    love the narrator Richard Ferrone is a great narrator
    Christine Feehan great author i can travel without leaving the house

  11. Kayleigh Berley

    Dark Secret
    Dark Secret was my first Christine Feehan book and first “dark series” I read. I can not get enough and eagerly await her next book. If you like the paranormal and vampire type books with lots of romance, you will love this book. I can not wait to have all her books on audio. I love the Ghostwalker and Drake Sisters series also.

  12. Pamela

    Awesome Read…
    I loved this book, which surprised me. The book started out kind of slow but you really grow to love Colby, the leading female character.. she is a hard worker, doesn’t let no man push her around or use her and deeply loves her brother and sister. She runs a ranch by herself with the help of her younger brother Paul and she loves horses.
    Weird stuff starts happening around the ranch and to make matters worse, her fathers family shows up after many years and wants the ranch and her brother and sister. This is when you meet the main male character, Rafael De La Cruz.
    Murder and mayhem over takes Colby’s life and to make matters worse she can’t keep her hands or her mind off Rafael. He entangles her in manipulation and takes what was not given to him freely. You hate him.
    Throughout the book I just kept shaking my head and saying.. “there is no way this book can end on a happy note.” As things go from bad to worse. BUT, I was happily mistaken. By the end, I saw things in a different light.. as did Colby.
    Give this book a go.. I think you will be happy you did.

  13. Kanisha Rubarts

    An excellent book!!! These books are so GOOD !!! I can’t belive how awesome they all are!!!

  14. Arnulfo C.

    Could not finish it
    This is the worst of the series so far. The rape section was a turn off and narrator better suited for other books.

  15. Lloyd Bonder

    I love how Christine can not only right a romance book with sex scenes, but the fight scenes as a! They are so suspensful! This has become my absolute favorite thus far. The end had me on the edge of my seat and tears.

  16. Annalee B.

    loved it
    I love Christine Feehan’s writing she never fails to write tremendously. Thank you Christine

  17. Alice Schweiker

    Here we go Again!
    Christine Feehans books are remarkable. They combine imagery, emotion, complexity, and darkness in such a loving way. There is no other for me that can write a paranormal book this way all her books including this one are intriguing. Rafael de la Cruz and Colby Jansen are compeling characters who do not let adversity stand in their way and are both extremely stubborn which makes for an interesting read. The ancient language and the code of natural healing along with the idea of a community coming together almost seems like something we should emmulate today. I only wish that men were as caring and concerned as Feehan’s character are but not as bossy and controlling. Yet Feehan is not stingy in the sexual erotic area. These couples are highly sexual! They might even make you quiet hot under the collar. The stories all generally follow the same plot with some variations but it’s always nice to see what new setting or situation is going on. Each book links them in some way to the previous ones but Feehan does not dwell too much on the previous characters unless it is in some way an integral part of the story. Her books are always good reads.

  18. Kristen Furlow

    2nd DeLaCruz boy finds his lifemate
    Novel/novella #15 in the series. The story of Rafael De La Cruz & Colby Jansen. Story is a bit drawm out. First Malinov vampire. “Guest appearances” by Natalya & Vikirnoff – see next book. Narration ok, a few mispronunciations. Piqueña is not pronounced like mckenna, but like pick-kane-yuh…sigh

  19. Dennis Boutchyard

    Pretty good
    Dark Secret is very interesting, because the events of this book occur in parallel to the events of the previous book – Dark Hunger. In the previous book, the author introduced the De la Cruz’s brothers, and in this book we know the story of Raphael de la Cruz and his lifemate. At the same time that the author narrates the saga, it brings elements of other books, paving the way for the continuation of history. This is fantastic, as each book in the series is integrated with the previous ones and the next ones.
    But back to the book in question, the story is good, a bit monotonous at times, considering that Raphael is an ancient warior, with ideas that irritate his lifemate.
    TAbout te narrative, I think is good, with a clear and easy pronunciation to understand.

  20. Mira Fraleigh

    Love Love Love
    Any additional comments?

  21. Queen Farag

    Loved it! Even though …..
    I still prefer a female reading the book, but this guy was very good!

  22. Gail Hasler

    Can’t Believe that someone wrote this
    It is impossible for me to say that this is the worst book I have ever heard, but it has to be the worst book that has ever been written. The language used to tell this story is horrible, every scene and dialog between the main characters is sophomoric. The exchange between characters is predictable and full of cliches. In fact it is such a steady stream of cliches it is impossible to think that someone actually approved this book for publication. This book is like some nightmare version of a Harlequin Romance, but that would be an insult to Harlequin Romance novels.

    Pass on this one. It is not worth the monthly book credit. I will give her other book a chance, but I cannot recommend this book. It makes me want to retch just listening to the exchange between characters.

  23. Jalisa H.

    Hot Undead Action XXX
    Fans of Paranormal Romance and excess in general will find plenty to like about this wild fantasy. Spunky heroine softens the heart of an otherwise rock hard guy who does his best to convince her to join the undead and become his lifemate. Needless to say – he has some very persuasive arguments. I found the romance of unquestioning devotion and fierce protectiveness absolutely irresistable.

  24. Wes Rozon

    Dark Series – Dark Secret…AWESOME
    What did you love best about Dark Secret?

  25. Les Schooler

    Dark Secret: Dark Series
    I loved it!! I will get more of her books.

  26. Jerrod H.

    Love the Series…not the narrator
    I love the series. I’m listening to them one after another. 🙂 But the narrator is ruining it for me. The female voices need much to be desired. Even the males aren’t that good. Not enough variance between them. Sometimes I forget who’s talking. ugh I hope they get another one.

  27. Allison N.

    OK but not Great
    I feel that this book although it does involve several dark hunters, does not have the intensity of most of the others. It is OK, but not one of Ms. Feehan’s best.

  28. Tawnya Demeglio

    My absolute favorite!
    I don’t know what it is about this book but I love it! have read/listened to it at least 6 times. I highly recommend it!

  29. Devon Klocke

    Not my favorite Dark Series book.
    Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

  30. Darron Ciaccio

    Reader did what he could with it
    OK, so I know that this author has a big following, and I’m a fan of vampire fiction and of romance, so I thought why not? What a disappointment. The reader was doing his best to make a tired and trite story interesting, but there wasn’t much there to work with. Christine Feehan’s prose was far too purple for my taste, and I’m not talking about the sex. She kept going over the same territory again and again, with only slight variations in vocabulary. I found myself rolling my eyes and laughing aloud–and not in a good way! Add to that the “unwilling attraction” cliche taken to the extreme, and it was, overall, distasteful. This may be some readers’ bag, but it wasn’t mine.

  31. Allen S.

    The Delacruz brothers are fast becoming my favorites. They are as domineering as the rest of the Carpathian men, but they are also very passionate. Rafael Delacruz is in for the fight of his life not only against a master vampire but he’s lifemate Colby. The secret is hers and when it comes out ALL Carpathians find out that she is a force to be reckoned with. I do believe this is my favorite book yet.

  32. Majorie H.

    Awesome series
    The book was amazing as always however I got a little irritated at the lack of the narrator’s knowledge of the Spanish language and how to pronounce some of the words. Listen and find out which word was butchered. 😇

  33. Earlean Elvin

    Loved it!
    Raphael is a strong domineering male character without being a mindless brute. I rarely give 5 stars, reserving 5 for books I truly enjoyed beginning to end, without any “but”s. I’m glad this is now in my library, I can see myself returning later to listen again. It’s that good.

  34. Angie T.

    Hero is a jerk. hard to enjoy the romance w/ him
    He was way too controlling, dishonesty and inconsiderate and her inability to resist him made me want to strangle her. Interesting developments in the big picture/ ongoing story so I’m glad I didn’t give up like I wanted to do numerous times

  35. Lara Lerer

    good story. bad narrating and MUSIC!!!!
    why on book 15 would a narrator change how they pronounce characters names. so annoying!

  36. Casie Fedorko

    A Pleasant Surprise
    This was a great book! I picked this book because I was going on a long car trip and wanted something to keep my mind occupied. My husband even got into it. This was the first book that I have read from this author and I found myself looking for another. Dark Demon is available and I suggest you get that one also.

  37. Lucius Ruelas

    Great Story- Bad Narrator
    Great Book, If you love the Carpathian Novels, then you’ll agree with me that this is a great one. I have listened to a lot of the Carpathian novels, through service…. This is the first one that I listened to with a male narrator… I didn’t think I would mind… But UGH!!! The guy is terrible… Serioulsy service!! Get a BETTER Narrator… PLEASE!!

  38. Katrina G.

    Just awful.
    Would you try another book from Christine Feehan and/or Richard Ferrone?

  39. Gertha Warbritton

    Can we get past the whining
    Colby or whatever her name was OMG took away from the book with her excessive whining.
    One part of the story after all the supernatural abilities that was shown to her, alongside with her own abilities halfway through the book she kept insisting it wasn’t real.

    The narration was okay most audio books is the narrator that brings the story to life, I just didn’t get it in this book.

    Honestly, I don’t know why I’ll even listen to this story. He deserves better…

  40. Alan Nolau

    Dark Series
    I personally love this series. Christine Feehan manages to balance intrique, love, romance, humor, and magic in just the proper proportions to keep her reader enthralled!

  41. Cherrie Bredin

    This is the first book I read by this author and I loved it. I thought it was a wonderful love story as well as a little bit of danger. I found the narrator to be wonderfully exhilarating. His deep voice was very romantic. I enjoyed the book and look forward to the next one Dark Demon and even Mind Game though I know its on a different subject. I hope the author will tell us more stories about the Carpathians.

  42. Nicholas Lacasse

    Dark secret by Christine feehan
    I really enjoyed this recording. It made the book come alive. I love all Christine ‘s books. I don’t know where she gets the ideas but keep them coming. J….

  43. Malini

    The best of the Dark Series
    Dark secret is stage for not only a vampire romance, but also for a formidable battle-ground between the master-vampire and a great hunter of justice. Dark Fire is my favourite but, I must say this book has greater substance. No doubt the author’s writing talents have grown with her continuing dark series. I read the Dark Secret book in 2005, but listening to the book has made it even more enjoyable and captured the scenes in its essence. I can’t wait for the other three brothers’ stories to unfold, especially Nicholas’s. Great listening!

  44. Dick Herring

    Dark Series
    It is amazing to think that Christine Feehan has created an entire world filled with both vampires and the race of beings that can become vampires. The fact that the male Carpathians are so in tune with their feelings, once they have them, makes the stories compelling. Be ready for some seriously erotic scenes. Not a frightening series. It is wonderful the way the series builds upon the characters book after book.

  45. Babs

    Dark Secret
    Great story. This happens to be one of my favorites in the series. Listening to the story adds vivid high lights to what I see in my mind as I listen.

  46. Jamaal L.

    Love this book
    I love this book, but the narrator for this story reads it too slow for me. I love the characters though, and I enjoyed learning more about the Carpathian characters Feehan writes about.

  47. Hayley Baldini

    A true carpathian tale
    This is one of my favorites of the dark series. The characters are wonderful, the story flows with vivid details, and the action will keep you listening. The narrative sucks at women voices, as many men do, and he makes a lot of grunts and sighs during the story that is a bit annoying. But he’s better than a lot of the narrators and his voice is fairly calming. I guess he just doesn’t have what Phil Gigante does, and a woman’s voice should be done by a woman. I love the newer books with 2 narrators, especially the most recent dark books. You will still enjoy this book and maybe someday they will re-record it with the great performers I have come to appreciate the last year.

  48. Vallie V.

    My Favorite
    So far out of the whole dark series this is my favorite.

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