[Download] Dante's Dilemma (a Dante Legacy Novella) By Day Leclaire

Dante's Dilemma (a Dante Legacy Novella)

By: Day Leclaire
Length: 149 pages
Release date: Sep 15, 2013
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Curse...or blessing?

Romero Dante had always been warned about the danger of The Inferno. After all, it creates an all-consuming, love-at-first-touch lust, which led to his mother’s ruin...and Rom’s birth. Now it strikes again and it’s with the one woman Rom can’t have—Julietta Bianchi, the fiancée of his best friend.

Julietta will do whatever necessary to save her family from financial disaster, even marry a man she doesn’t love. But days before her wedding is to take place, her heart is stolen—with a single touch.

Now the two lovers must choose between honor...and each other.

The story that sparked three generations of Inferno love affairs. A Dante Legacy novella featuring fan favorites, Primo and Nonna!

Many readers of The Dante Legacy have written to tell me how much they love the Dantes and the various secondary characters featured along the way, particularly the family patriarch and matriarch. So, I thought I’d offer a surprise treat—the romance of Romero Dante and Julietta Bianchi, known to readers as Primo and Nonna.

The story takes place in the small, fictitious village of Santa Lucia located among the grapevines of Tuscany, Italy. Though events unfold in the mid-1950s out of necessity—after all, Primo and Nonna are in their late 70s when they appear in The Dante Legacy—this tale is the type of timeless love story that could happen in any decade.

So, meet Romero Dante, a man destined to become an internationally famous jeweler, and owner of the only mines in the world to possess fire diamonds. And meet Julietta, the woman who sparks The Inferno, the all-consuming, once-in-a-lifetime passion that occurs when Dante soul mates first join hands. Their road to happily-ever-after isn’t an easy one. Not when Julietta is engaged to Romero’s best friend. And not when Romero is the town bastard, the bad boy who good girls should avoid at all costs....

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