[Download] Cull By Jonathan Nash


By: Jonathan Nash
Length: 371 pages
Release date: Dec 28, 2013
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The human species is on the brink of catastrophe. A population of 7 billion is polluting the atmosphere and draining the Earth of its resources, destroying the planet that sustains it. Politicians seem unable to deal with the crisis but there are powerful people, led by aristocratic Englishman Jonathan Hewitt, with a plan. It is simple and terrifying - a cull of the human species.
Within the guarded confines of the SekMet Pharmaceutials' laboratory, work continues on creating the weapon that can fulfil the conspirators' hopes. That weapon is Smallpox which, though seemingly wiped from the planet decades earlier, is now awakened, enhanced and ready for release.
However, though secrecy is vital and strictly enforced by a 'containment team' of ruthless ex-special forces soldiers, information regarding the conspiracy falls into the hands of two small-town journalists - the crusty and jaded Barnaby Thorne and the younger, much lovelier and tech-savvy Rachel Johnson.
Slowly, Barnaby and Rachel realise the appalling magnitude of their discovery and that they are chasing the biggest and most dangerous story of their lives.

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