[Download] Cripple-Mode: Electric Touche (Book Two) By J.L. Dobias

Cripple-Mode: Electric Touche (Book Two)

By: J.L. Dobias
Length: 728 pages
Release date: Sep 23, 2013
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Travis Lucia Hamilton-McQueen is a teen caught up in a strange circumstance. She has awakened from a coma to find everything out of control; her memories have been overwritten with another person's and she's battling to get her life back. It is no help that her Grandfather is a suspected mass murderer; her father is a convicted killer; and she is a clone who has apparently been bouncing illegally in and out of JumpSpace, which makes her a suspected terrorist. She suspects she is fitting into the family just fine. However there are more urgent issues because she's brought along a rider and eventually she'll discover she has three parasites sharing her body. Several agencies, including those responsible for engineering her existence, are interested in what she hosts. No one wants to share and everyone is willing to sacrifice the host if it comes down to that.

Travis will have to fight in order to live long enough to attempt to figure out who she is in a universe that will not allow time for someone to find herself.

Now someone expects her to do their dirty work and won't take no for an answer.

The parasitic children of the JumpSpace Entities, are the cause of half her problems and she'd love to be rid of them; except that there's a fine line between them and what makes her what she is. They brought her father's memories into her mind and without those memories she has nothing and she might return to a mindless coma.

The three agencies that claim responsibility for her creation are expecting her to tow the line with them and several other organizations would use her or kill her if she won't work with them. Some of those have raised the bar by threatening anyone near her. Everyone thinks they own her.

She will question what constitutes property and what defines sentient and sapient and if she is both then how can she be anyone's property; and then she'll have to decide if she intends on freeing herself alone or all the other cloned life-forms created by man.

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