[Download] Crimes Against Time By W.E. Powelson

Crimes Against Time

By: W.E. Powelson
Length: 483 pages
Release date: Sep 27, 2013
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Until the year 2042, life on this planet was 3000 years behind on its intended evolutionary path towards ultimate knowledge. We were so far behind in fact that the entire planet was in dire peril of total annihilation; either by its own hand or by forces within the Universe that we should have (by then), learned to control.

Knowledge itself is the key to all power. When a few individuals with power suppress valuable knowledge and withhold it from the masses (Sometimes for centuries) for their own ignorant and selfish reasons, it effectively stunts evolution. It hinders humanity and curtails the overall progress of mankind as a whole.
Though there are no laws on the books concerning such crimes; nor has there ever been a prosecution of such an offense; the long-term suppression of knowledge is considered by the creators of humanity as CRIMES AGAINST TIME!

World History is riddled with such crimes against time. Our evolutionary progress (whether we want to accept this or not) has consistently been slowed to a snail's pace by antiquated, pessimistic and negative traditional beliefs all around the world, since the earliest recorded history of life on this planet. We're speaking precisely of the Crusades; the inquisitions; the Witch Hunts; the execution of Giordano Bruno; the persecution of Galileo and the persistent denial of evolutionary laws of nature.
Criminal suppression of knowledge proceeds all the way into more current times as well. Our accumulation of valuable knowledge is currently being hindered and impeded by the sanctimonious suppression of stem-cell research; cloning; and all manner of potentially beneficiary medical and scientific advancement.

Prior to 2042, we the masses were repeatedly being deprived of technological break-through knowledge that could have and should have catapulted humanity on the evolutionary scale by as much as three thousand years beyond our feeble status at that time.
This is the story of two soul mates who combine their brilliant intellects to invent a device that helps level the playing field. It rapidly accelerates the evolution of mankind; thus re-capturing those lost 3,000 years and saves planet earth from a horrible fate.

Our heroes accomplish what history had failed to do and they accomplish it in barely three years’ time. They resolve Einstein's Unified Field Theory, String Theory and Brane Theory in one fell swoop by proving that those theories are indeed valid, correct and usable theories. They also use that knowledge contained within those unification theories to unify the world in more ways than one.
They succeed almost by accident as they subsequently unravel virtually all the mysteries of the ages.
Unifying the four forces of nature is only the beginning. As they continue, they answer the more monumental riddles and questions of time immemorial: Does God actually exist? Who or what is God? What is the meaning and purpose of life? Why are we here? What (exactly) happens after death? Is there a Heaven or a Hell? What is Time? Is infinity a reality?
Our hero and heroine meet an entity responsible for our creation, our universe, and many others as well. The lovable entity does not approve of the term God. It prefers instead to be referred to as Universal Knowledge (or UnK). Together, our physicist heroes work hand in hand with UnK to unify science with itself and also with religion; thus creating one new religion for all of mankind which forever after will remain at the head of science, (rather than its doubter).

It does not occur without consequence. With the help and powers of the entity called UnK, the new religion totally shatters all of the world's traditional religious beliefs, almost overnight. It leads to a mini-religious-war that ends in a very spectacular way.
Reading is believing. This amazing tale could actually occur sometime in the not too distant future.

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