[Download] Cretaceous Clay and The Black Dwarf By Dan Knight

Cretaceous Clay and The Black Dwarf

By: Dan Knight
Length: 385 pages
Release date: Sep 20, 2013
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Biots Are People Too!

Amateur sleuth Jack Clay hunts a Black Dwarf possessed by a spirit from hell! When Gumshoe finds the stars of Capricorn at a bloody crime scene, he calls for help!

Nodlon is paradise, if you’re not a biot! Biots work jobs no one wants to pay for, and Evan Labe is a biot. Evan Labe is a biot – a black dwarf model – living in quiet despair. Tempted by an infomercial, Evan looses a serpent into the garden!

An epidemic of missing dwarves plagues Nodlon. Thinking freedom will cure the problem, and fearing for the lives of the dwarves, Princess Virginia asks Jack Clay to help her free the biots.

But another dwarf goes missing, and this time someone left a bloody Capricorn on the girl’s video screen. Swamped with questions, Gumshoe of Nodlon Yard is out of his league. Was the maiden abducted? Is her life in danger? Is he a kidnapper in league with Mars? Has the dwarf maiden gone rogue?

Gumshoe calls his friend, Jack Clay, a celebrity elf, a freedom fighter, and a magician to help him find the girl!

Freedom fighting must wait! As the clock ticks, the body count rises. In hot pursuit, Jack chases a wicked warlock armed with magic and an army of dwarves! A trail of murder and mayhem leads to a mysterious Black Dwarf!

Can Jack find the Black Dwarf before he destroys Jack?! Will Jack save Nodlon?! Will Jack prevent a war with Mars?! Will Jack free the biots?!

Find out in the Strange and Quirky Odyssey of Cretaceous Clay!

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