[Download] Cows on the Moove volume II By Old Man Crowe

Cows on the Moove volume II

By: Old Man Crowe
Length: 357 pages
Release date: Dec 16, 2013
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welcome to a cows on the moove volume two; where rigid rules are transcended and creative imagination discovers ever surprising potentialities. a universe where formalized and uncompromising poetic structures succumb to a radicalized deconstruction of their basic elements; then reconstructed through an almost word by word re-ordering and reinvention of the poems original meaning, images and intent.

the paralleladelle is a form of poetry whose time is now: a time of stagnating social theories, fossilized religious traditions, and a political system paralyzed by its own impossibilities. a time of constant unrelenting change and adaptation, of innovative ideas reconfiguring outdated concepts and beliefs; of individual and collective human consciousness expanding beyond existing borders and horizons.

a paralleladelle reflects this evolving planetary process in the fundamental reinvention of itself ... never exactly certain of where its going or how it will get there; yet always managing to arrive at the coherent conclusion of its revealed destination. even then the paralleladelle refuses to become a static statement of all that has been said and done. the poem learns from each rewriting how to speak for itself.

all that a poem asks for is a fair hearing. to be given a voice ... for the blessing of living breath.

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