[Download] Couples, Gender, and Power By Mahoney PhD, Anne Rankin; Knudson-Martin PhD, Carmen, Carmen Knudson-Martin, Anne Rankin Mahoney

Couples, Gender, and Power

By: Mahoney PhD, Anne Rankin; Knudson-Martin PhD, Carmen, Carmen Knudson-Martin, Anne Rankin Mahoney
Length: 642 pages
Release date: Jan 1, 2009
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"[A] comprehensive, critical, empirical, and practical compilation of investigations about how diverse couples are trying to implement change and pursue equality in their relationships."

-Katherine R. Allen, PhD
Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

"[A] true gift to couple research .The studies reported in this marvelously disciplined collection hold living implications for couples and their therapists."

-Evan Imber-Black
Director, Center for Families and Health,
Ackerman Institute for the Family

While numerous couples strive for equality in their relationships, many are unaware of the insidious ways in which gender and power still affect them-from their career choices to communication patterns, child-rearing, housework, and more. Written for mental health professionals and others interested in contemporary couple relationships, this research-based book shows how couples are able to move beyond the dangers of gendered inequality and the legacy of hidden male power.

The book analyzes the relationships of couples from various racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. The contributors present innovative clinical interventions, and suggest strategies therapists can use to help couples transform their relationships from being gender-based to equality-based.

Explores these key issues:

  • The risks of being in a relationship ruled by "gender legacy" behavior
  • The differences between couples who get caught in gender legacy patterns and those who do not
  • Gender-based patterns across the life cycle, including newly formed couples; early marriage; child-rearing; mothering and fathering
  • Gendered power in couples dealing with illness; ethnic and racial differences; immigration and displacement issues

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