[Download] Confusion Turned To Chaos By Grace Gardener

Confusion Turned To Chaos

By: Grace Gardener
Length: 186 pages
Release date: Dec 24, 2013
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Confusion turned to Chaos is about the struggles of High School in 1968, the year
Madelyn West turns sixteen. Confusion turned to Chaos tells stories of important
historical events, as well as Madelyn’s high-school and home life experience and
difficulties: including bullying, prejudice, racism, the Mafia, and cliques. Madelyn
encounters Bruce Springsteen and makes the acquaintance of Tony Soprano. In the
end Madelyn is able to help avert a race riot at Clear Mountain High School, near
Newark, NJ: proof that one average kid, with problems, can make a difference. The
theme of Confusion turned to Chaos is tolerance and acceptance. The story is true.
The names have been changed to protect the guilty. Like ‘Crash’ Confusion turned
to Chaos is meant to provoke discussion among high school and college students and
open channels of healthy communication. Each chapter is designed to be read
separately if classes wish to read only a chapter and discuss it.
The memoir covers Madelyn’s Sophomore and Junior year in high school from
April 4th to November 15th 1968.
This memoir is a true story. All of the conversations and events are true as
are the details of all of the incidents. The dates and some of the personal and school
events are approximate. Historical events have been researched for accuracy. The
last conversation with Christopher is a conglomeration of conversations that took
place over a period of time.
Madelyn’s comments are in italics throughout the book.Confusion turned to Chaos is memoir of 1968 through the eyes of Lynn Pezzutti. Madelyn West (Lynn Pezzutti) turns 16 and has many trials that prove one person CAN make a difference. George Lucas would like to make this book into a movie. Mr. Lucas loves the dialog, the description of the music and the down to earth feelings of a 16 year old High School Junior. He said "It comes with its own soundtrack." George Lucas told Oprah Winfrey, "It's a great book."
"It has the best dialog I've ever read." - Steven Spielberg
"Confusion turned to Chaos is a must read. I loved it." - Whoopi Goldberg.
Note: This book had to be self published because, publishers told Grace, they
were not willing to publish a book that tackles the subject of racism in high school -
since none exists.

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