[Download] Concho By Denzel Holmes


By: Denzel Holmes
Length: 396 pages
Release date: Nov 26, 2013
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Bob Guthrie, a successful trail driver, first appears in Denzel Holmes' Mitt Stone series of novels as Mitt's chief accomplice. Matt Altmann enters manhood in Holmes' epic novel Texas Victory as the son of Prince Carl. The two meet on the West Texas Concho River.

Col. Mackenzie is poised to put an end to the threat from free roaming Comanche using Fort Concho as a hub. Despite their best efforts Matt and Bob find themselves embroiled in the errupting conflict.

Matt is determined to do what no man has done: build a dam across the Concho River. Bob's newly acquired ranch land sits on the same spot. Their purposes and personalities clash.

Common enemies - renegades, Comanche and nature - bring them together dragging each man to the brink of death.

Unpredictable longhorn cattle, horses and companions send the men on an odyssey across the most dangerous ground on earth in 1874, theTexas plains.

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